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  1. Come back Dave :P.

  2. Dave1

    The "I Got GTA IV!" Thread

    Just got my copy, and I am quite pleased with it.
  3. dude. this is me Ar-v294... old homie of SFM

  4. Crim =] been online and haven't messaged me :( disappointed! ha!

    PM me sometime :)


  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Ivan

    happy b-day

  7. Hey Happy birthday in advance!

  8. Dave1

    Dan Houser previews GTA IV to the AP

    I do enjoy the fact that we will be able to choose how we carry out things, but as always my blood lust will send me in guns blazin.
  9. It is about time rockstar took a more realistic approach. That will be amusing.
  10. Dave1

    GTA IV Release date announced!

    I'm a little late but, I am glad that we finally have a release date,time to go pre order I suppose. And guys try to stay on topic please.
  11. Dave1

    Four New GTA IV Screenshots

    Very nice shots, My hopes are still very high for this game, RockStar has never let me down before.
  12. hey Crimson, remember me?

  13. Crimson Dragon! :P.

    Saw you been online..

    More often please! :P


  14. DAVE!!!!! your back please stay

  15. Dave1

    New moderators and some other stuff

    I'm not dead yet Congrats to all the new moderators!