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  1. Woohoo, I'm remembering to post here more. --- "Science 101" CUTSCENE Sean is knocking on the Evening News Arena doors but they are locked. Robby comes around from an alley smoking a joint and carrying a mop Sean: Hey, Robby. How come you ain't inside? Robby: Oi, There's a tour going on inside. Elementary School kid field trip, pfft, some exciting trip that is, seeing a big sh*tty building Sean: Come on, put that out man Robby: Really takes the edge off this Janitor bullsh*t, and besides, while the school is on their precious little field trip, this means we can loot the school. They've got a whole bunch of useful sh*t we could use. I never told ya that I took Science in college, did I? Sean: You wen't to college? Get outta here Robby: Oi, we should raid the Science lab, grab some sh*t, maybe I could use some for the job... Sean: Alright, enough with that stuff... what's the job? Robby: Oi, keep forgetting to mention it to you, don't I?, I'll tell you on the way there, you can drive Sean and Robby get into an Admiral as it fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY A blip appears on the radar for the school you need to get to. You also have a timer counting back from 7.59. While you're driving there, an In-game chat starts up Sean: So, that 'Job' you keep mentioning... Robby: Ah... we're going for a large payoff. It's the reason I'm a f*ckin janitor haha! Sean: What kind of big pay off? Robby: We're raiding the jewel van. Some gold bars are coming to the News Arena soon, illegally, and they're to be transported to the Museum. There's some huge deal between higher uppers that need these gold bars, I'm not one for little details Sean: That's some pretty risky stuff right there Robby: Oi. Now put your f*ckin' foot down, they won't be at the News Arena forever! Once you get to the Elementary School, drive into the marker and a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Robby gets out of the car, as does Sean Robby: You look around the halls, make sure no one sees us! The screen fades to black FADE IN: CUTSCENE A Janitor is walking through the halls as he spots you Janitor: Hey!, What the hell are you doing!? END OF CUTSCENE The Janitor is running at you. Shoot him. There will be alot of blips walking towards your general direction. They are all random school workers. A message appears on screen: "Leave no evidence that you were here!" Kill them as quickly as possible, as the timer is running thin. Once you've killed the last one, a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Robby comes out into the hallway, as Sean is wiping the blood from his hands onto his trousers Robby: I've got the stuff, lets roll! Robby and Sean run down the halls and out of the school as police are surrounding you both Officer: Freeze Scumbags! END OF CUTSCENE You now have a three star wanted level, and police are opening fire on you. Quickly run into Robby's car and drive outta there, and either get back to the Evening News Arena first, or, get to a Pay 'N' Spray, then back to the Evening News Arena. Once you're there, drive into the blue marker CUTSCENE Robby: I'll call you later!, You'd better get outta here sonny Sean gets out of the car as Robby drives it through the back alley, and it fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Mission Passed! £1500 + Respect +! Go and save your game. The next time you enter a vehicle, or are around radio's, you will hear a 'Breaking News Report' of an Elementary School 'Massacre'.
  2. Go and save your game. Now all you have is a 4 Leaf Clover icon for Robby. Go to the Evening News Arena and enter the marker "Requesting Back-Up" CUTSCENE Robby approaches you before you even fully enter the building Robby: We don't have much time, Sean. The sh*te's going down soon and we need two cop cars. I need you and Ruby to go out and Jack two and bring them to the Storage Garages around back Sean: Woah, wait, I told you I don't deal with cops man. I've been attracting way too much attention to myself lately Robby: Do you wan't a payoff of twenty five thousand quid, or do you wanna carry on being a poor ass mother f*cker!? Sean: Fine, but I do this on my own. I don't need anymore psycho bitches screwing me around Sean walks away from Robby as the screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY You're standing outside of the Evening News Arena. 1 Green blip is on your radar, it is the cop car you need to jack. Jack a car and get to the blip which is in a parking lot of a donut store, and no one is around it. Get inside of it and a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE A cop comes out of the Donut store only to see Sean sitting inside of the cop car. The cop drops his donut and grabs his walky and screams; "Requesting back-up at Chunky Boys Donuts! Some maniac is stealing my squad car!... It's Sean Wood! END OF CUTSCENE You instantly now have a 4 star wanted level. Run over the cop before he has a chance to blow one of your tires out, and get outta there as quickly as possible. Drive it back to the Evening News Arena Storage Garage and park it into the blue marker, where you will be prompted by a message reading: "Drive into the Garage." Drive in, get out and a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Ruby runs over to you as cops come round the corner Ruby: I told you, you needed me with you, you idiot! Ruby shoots at the Police officers END OF CUTSCENE A message appears on screen: "Help Ruby!" Waste the rest of the cops, another load will come. Waste em aswell, and another cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Ruby: I'll get the second car! Thank's for the help, Sean, but next time, no more macho bullsh*t, oi? Ruby runs out of the alley as the screen fades to black Mission Passed! £2500 + Respect +!
  3. Once again you have an "SW" icon at your club, and a 4 Leaf Clover for Robby. This time we're going to go and do an "SW" mission at your club. Go there and walk up to your office and enter the blue marker to begin "The Sellout" CUTSCENE Sean is talking on the phone as a Bar man comes into your office Sean: I'll call you back, Gary Sean hangs the phone up Sean: Yes? Bar Man: Boss, your shipments have arrived Sean leads the bar-man down the stairs and through to the club main floor where crates of booze are on the floor Sean: Hey, theres two missing Bar Man: You ordered 6, theres 6 there, boss Sean: I ordered 8 Bar Man: The guy at the door is waiting for a signature Sean: I'm 20 years old, I'm not going senile. I ordered 8 Sean walks past the Bar Man as the Bar Man follows him, and Sean confronts the Distributer Sean: I ordered 8 Distributer: I have 6 right here. Sign here please The Distributer hands Sean a piece of paper on a clip board, and Sean signs it and shoves it back into the Distributer's hands, as the Bar Man and the Distributer begin walking away together Bar Man: I'll be in for work later, boss Sean walks over to the bar and opens up the safe under the register and takes a pair of car keys out and begins walking away as the screen fades to black FADE IN: CUTSCENE The Bar Man and the Distributer get into seperate cars and pull away, and the Bar Man begins following the Distributer, as Sean comes out of the club and gets into his parked Lowrider END OF CUTSCENE A message appears on screen, along with a blip on the radar: "Follow your Bar Man and see what he's up to" You will have a Spook-O-Meter, and If you follow too close you will fail the mission. Keep following him untill he reaches the out-skirts of Gadebridge City, and drives into the Wood's, along with the Distributer's car. And they both stop outside of a cabin, and get out of their cars and walk inside the cabin. You are prompted with another message: "See what they're up to. Get a closer look." Exit the car and crouch, and walk over to the slightly open window around the back of the cabin and you will see them in the Cabin, and a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE There are 2 crates of alcohol on the floor, and the Distributer and the Bar Man open each crate up Bar Man: What did I tell you? This new guy is an idiot, he'll never suspect a thing END OF CUTSCENE A message appears on screen: "Waste 'em." Press Square to climb into the open window, and the Bar Man and Distributer will start running towards you Distributer: I thought you said he wouldn't suspect a thing! The Distributer has a Shotgun wielded, and will probaly get two shots in on you as you climb into the window. Try and shoot him dead first, then shoot the Bar Man to death. The mission is over. Mission Passed!
  4. You will now have an "SW" Icon in your office at the club, and that is it for now. So save your game in your office or at Ray's hideout and enter the marker to begin the mission. "The Thief" CUTSCENE Sean is wandering around in his office looking over everything and he walks over to the bookshelf and pulls out a book and starts reading it when a waitress comes into the room Waitress: Um, Mr. Wood... Sean: Call me Sean Waitress: A punter just came in downstairs and started causing trouble. He ripped the register from the counter and got away with it Sean: What!?, There was Three thousand in there from tonight's takings! Sean runs out of the office and downstairs and sees the wind blowing the door open, as he runs out into the street and sees a Sanchez with two people in masks on it speeding away, as Sean runs over into a limo and starts it up END OF CUTSCENE A message appears on screen: "Catch the crooks and get your money back!". You must go after them in a Limo, and It's very hard to keep up with them as they're on a Sanchez. Once you get near them, ram into them. Shooting them won't work. After you ram into them three times a bag will drop, a message appears on screen: "Collect the bag of money and get back after them!" get out of the Limo, grab the bag of money, get back in, and go back after them, as they still have two more bags. Once you repeat the process again, twice, you now need to kill them. Once that's over, a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Sean's cellphone begins ringing and he answers it Sean: Yeah? Suni: How's club life treating ya? Sean: It's hard work Suni: It's my sister's 18th birthday soon, maybe we can throw a bash for her at the club Sean: Sounds good Suni: Talk to ya later, Sean Sean hangs the phone up END OF CUTSCENE Mission Passed! £3000 + Respect +!
  5. Now there is only one icon left. Suni's icon at the hospital. So go and save your game at Roberto's or Ray's hideout and then make your way to the hospital in Gadebridge City and enter the marker outside of it. "Early Retirement" CUTSCENE Sean is walking through the halls of the hospital untill he reaches room 2E and goes inside to see Suni is laying on the hospital bed, laughing with some Yakuza members and an English man in a Red T-shirt and Jeans Suni: (Notices Sean) Ah, here he is, the guy that saved my life! Sean: How're you doing, Suni? You getting some rest in this place? Suni: It's not bad. Listen. I've got a proposal to make to you Sean: Sure, I'm listening Suni: I wan't you and my good friend, Nate here (Puts his hand on Nate's shoulder) to go down to Grant's club, as It's the re-opening tonight and all Sean: (Looks at the man) Alright. Is Grant giving out some free drinks to friends or something? Suni: Haha... something like that... now get going, I need to get some rest Nate stands up and leads Sean out of the room as the screen fades to black FADE IN: CUTSCENE Nate and Sean exit the hospital and walk a few steps onto the parking lot, and Nate stops beside a dark red Infernus Sean: Nice car Nate: You wanna drive it? Sean: Sure END OF CUTSCENE A blip appears on the radar for Grant's club. Get into Nate's Infernus and drive you and him there, and enter the marker in the parking lot CUTSCENE Sean stops the Infernus inbetween a couple of Limo's and they get out of the car and close the doors. Nate and Sean walk over to the entrance of the club, with a huge banner above it reading: "Grand Re-Opening" just above the 'Grant's Club' red neon sign. Nate and Sean enter through the doors and the security nod them into the club, and Grant is with a bunch of people in a corner talking to them when he notices Sean Grant: Hey!, Sean!, You've come to finish your f*ckin debt off, huh? You little twat! Grant and his buddies laugh as Grant high fives one of them, then he notices Nate come from behind Sean and his face turns cold Grant: No! I told Suni I'd have the rest of his money! Nate pulls a 9MM from his waist and shoots Grant in the head, as his body falls to the floor, and Sean jumps back looking shocked Sean: What the f*ck did you do that for!? Nate: This club belongs to you now. Don't make the same mistakes Grant made. Nate walks away as all of Grant's buddies start running away in terror, as Sean is looking around, not having any clue as to what just happened, as it fades to black. FADE IN: GAME PLAY Text appears on screen: "The Yakuza have put alot of faith into you after saving Suni's life. They're letting you run the club for them, while they are silent partners. Wait for more people to come and continue running the Grand Re-Opening like nothing has just happened." Walk over to the bar and you'll notice that there is a large "Under New Management" sign that has just been put up. And soon, people will be entering the club. Another message appears: "When the clock reaches 21:00, people will begin entering." The clock should of automaticly been 20:00 once Grant was killed. When people start arriving you will have an Entertainment Meter in the right hand side of the screen. You must try and keep it from reaching zero. You need to break up fights, by beating up both men, you need to not keep customers waiting, and serve them all drinks using the Triangle button behind the bar when they are facing you, and you need to make sure that other staff members are doing their jobs correctly, also you must make sure no homeless men come into the club. Each time a problem occurs you will be prompted about it. Once the clock reaches 02:00, people will start leaving the club, and the screen will fade to black FADE IN: CUTSCENE Sean is sitting on a bar stool, and his clothes are all messy, as Cari, the Uncle of Suni, enters the club with some Yakuza members. Cari is the Waka-gashira of The Yakuza. Cari: Well done, Mr. Wood Sean: Who are you? Cari: I am Suni's Uncle. Cari Cari bows as Sean stands up and does the same Cari: Suni is very fond of you, and he's putting his trust in you to run this club. So don't let us down, and don't end up like Grant Cari and his Yakuza members walk back out of the entrance door, as Cari stops and turns back around and looks at Sean, half way out of the door frame Cari: You look like you could use some new clothes. There should be a suit upstairs Cari exits the door as the screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Mission Passed! £3000 + Respect +! You will be prompted by a message: "Club Suit delivered to your Wardrobe." Now you should have Three suits, Four if you've done the Reject Gang member missions. Five if you've done both the Reject Gang member missions & the Yakuza Gang member missions.
  6. http://hosted.filefront.com/TonyZimmzy/ Comments: First of all, just to let people know; I did this run without any intentions on using Ammunation, so that's why it took around a minute and a half longer to do the mission "Shakedown" without the Grenades. Also, the screen flashes green every 6 minutes on average because my Fraps cuts my movies in half every 4GB, dunno if it does with anyone else. Part 1 This part was probaly the most frustrating to do, as I had to re-do it when I made the fatal mistake of saving over my old save file and the video screwing up on Part 2. Luckily, though, the second time I did it, I shaved around a minute off of it . The reason I jumped in and out of two cop cars was for the ten rounds of Shotgun ammo, which were useful on some of the missions. "Back Alley Brawl": I can't drive Infernus' very well, so that's why I crashed like twice in "Back Alley Brawl", but luckily the crash could of been a whole lot worse than it was, so it only took around 5 seconds of time away. "Jury Fury": The reason I parked the Phoenix in the alley is because the cutscene makes it dissapear infront of Ken's place. Then when I realized I had a phonecall, I went on a quick hunt for a better car and found one -- A Comet, my absolute favourite car. So I jacked it and wasted around ten seconds doing so, but probaly saved a bit further down the line from it "Riot": I was sloppy on this mission because I wasn't sure if I actually needed to go change into the overalls, this was more of a quick practice, and I would of started again if needed. Turns out, I didn't need the outfit, so I really saved some time with that! "Treacherous Swine": Just before this mission I knew I'd get a call, so I used that time of the call to get the Pistol near Cortez's boat. Killing Gonzalez with a Pistol still on his roof saved some time instead of watching that annoying cutscene of him running away, and there was a bribe right near his place, so it saved time going to P'n'S "Mall Shootout": I parked the Cheetah infront of the Mall so the guy would get stuck on it hopefully, and he did. Easy to shoot him to death and get into the Cheetah and peel outta there! "Guardian Angels": My aiming wasn't the best in this mission, but I killed the second Haitian going up to Lance at the van, so I saved some time there. Saved after this mission, but got lost, so wasted like ten seconds on that unfortunatly. Part 2 Jacked the Stinger near Ken's office and quickly went over to Diaz's place "The Chase": Not much to note except I saved time by running past the shooter instead of watching the cutscene of him blowing up the red things, and I got lucky there was a car at the traffic lights, so I jacked it and lost no health getting shot at. Also funny to note that the pedestrian I jacked it from got her head blown off by the shooter "Phnom Penh 86": Nothing to note here except my shooting started off poorly but got better, then got worse again "The Fastest Boat": Saved some time by getting into the boat while it was still on the hooks. Made it back easily aswell "Supply & Demand": My shooting was as good as I could hope for in this mission, so everything went smoothly "Sir, Yes Sir": Nothing to note other than I saved after this mission. Part 3 "Death Row": Didn't get shot atall in this mission as far as I remember. Way to go, guards! "Rub Out": This could of gone better, but it was still fast. I planned on using the Pistol and just running at every guard shooting them, but the second guard didn't die, so that annoyed me. All in all it didn't cost me anything though "Shakedown": My no Ammunation policy made this mission a little longer, but not by much. My aiming with the M4 looked stupid as hell when I decided to shoot a cop, wasted time and I felt like a moron when I didn't even hit him "Didn't get the name of this mission": The 'Vercetti Estate' text over-wrote it, so I have no idea the name of this mission. My chopper got stuck in the alley and that wasted valuable time, so I had to jack to Oceanic outside the Hotel, and when I chased the guys down it went poorly. Saved after this mission. Part 4 "Cone Crazy": Used this to make the money needed to buy the Assets. Didn't take long. Part 5 "Cop Land": Took ages to get two stars, but it was worth it to see Lance get run over. Everything else went very well "Spilling The Beans": Nothing to note here really, everything went very well "Hit The Courier": Grabbed the Uzi spawn near the place which was a fatal, fatal mistake because I thought I picked up the SMG from one of the dead women but I didn't, then it dissapeared, so I was stuck with the useless Uzi throughout the rest of the entire game. Everything went very well anyway. Grabbed the Rocket Launcher really quickly on the way to the Boatyard in the chopper for the last mission. Part 6 "Checkpoint Charlie": Big note to anyone who noticed this first of all; I accidently deleted the original one, so I had to re-record it, and that's why my health and weapons look different. Did everything exactly the same, though, so hopefully it won't matter to anyone. Part 7 Kaufman Cabs missions & Sunshine Autos checklist: I'd been awake for around 40 hours when I recorded this part, so I look dumb as hell doing it. It might look entertaining getting blown up by exploding taxis to you, but it wasn't to me. The Sunshine Autos checklist went rather quickly. It took a while to realize just how horrible the Uzi was doing on the final cab so I eventually got out and put a Rocket to it. Tiredness made this run terrible, but not so terrible that it wasn't worth keeping. Part 8 Cherry Popper Icecream mission went quickly. "Hit The Courier": I couldn't ask for a better run on this, everything went perfectly as planned with a spectacular time "Keep Your Friends Close...": Everything went absolutly stunning on this mission, absolutly perfect. Rocket Launching the hell outta Sonny saved serious time instead of doing the running over Sonny in a car bit. Total Time: 2:02 I was really hoping for sub 2 hours, but I didn't make it, and for that I'm dissapointed in myself. Hopefully no one cares about the extra 2 minutes as much as I do, though. End of Comments I'm still uploading Part 6 & Part 8 as I post this, so they'll be up sometime today. Big thankyou to Tim Symanczyk for some useful tips in his amazing PS2 speedrun video! And big thankyou to Andre Bodmer for making an incredible GTA3 speedrun video to give me the idea for doing one on GTA Vice City. Major thanks to everyone for their dedication to speedrunning, and maybe I'll do one for San Andreas sometime in the future. Feel free to add me to MSN @ [email protected] if you have questions or just want to chat, later. - Tony.
  7. Make your own script and get outta here then if you don't have anything meaningful to contribute. Also, I never found Churchil City that good sounding, doesn't roll off the tongue. I called this Heart City because I live in Hertfordshire, which sounds like Heart. --- Go and save your game at Ray's hideout once again. There will be an "S" icon at the Hospital entrance for Suni, and a 4 Leaf Clover for Robby. We're going to do the Robby mission next. Get to the Evening News Arena and enter the marker "Dropping In" CUTSCENE Robby is smoking a cigarette while playing around with the head of a mop and sitting on a bench, as Sean approaches him Robby: Ruby doesn't like the fact that you helped Mini out Sean: Yeah?, Well you can tell Ruby not to worry, because I'm done with that psycho bitch Robby: Hahaha. Well, you know, me and you, we're the middle men stuck between them. Anyway, onto business. Just off the shore in The Wasteland's district there is a boat. The boat contains tire spikes, that police use to pop tires. We need them for our future plans Sean: What kind of people are in the boat? Robby: Well... Cops Sean: Forget it, not doing it. I've got enough problems with cops. They're all over my ass out there Robby: Oi, I heard. Don't worry, you'll be a ways away from any cops, though Sean: What do you mean? Robby: Get to the black van on the shoreline in the Wasteland's, and you'll see what I mean Sean walks away as Robby puts his cigarette out and begins mopping the floors again as it fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY A blip appears on your radar for the van. Jack a car and drive to it in the Wasteland's. Once you're there, enter the marker at the back of the van CUTSCENE Sean opens the back of the van up to see Ruby sitting in there Sean: Jesus!, You scared the sh*t outta me... What the hell are you doing here? Ruby: Helpin you out, like friends do. Here, take this Ruby hands a large remote control to Sean Ruby: Under the van is a small plane. Attached to the plane is a bomb, you're going to need to fly it over the boat and land in the boat, then press the red button to detonate it, once you've done that, we swim out and get the crate of spikes before they sink Sean: Why couldn't you do all this!? Ruby: Because I'm a lady, and ladies don't do this sort of stuff Sean closes the door and gets into the front of the van as it fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY A brief description comes up on how to control and fly the plane for beginners. You need to control the plane and back it out from under the van, get a run up, and fly above the oceon and there will be a blip not far away where the boat is located at. You must try and fly the plane over the boat and land in it, this is alot harder than it sounds because the boat is fairly small and cops will notice it and try to shoot it down. Once you've landed the plane on the boat a message comes up: "Press the circle button to detonate". Press circle and a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Cops on the boat are slowly approaching the plane with their guns aimed at it, and it blows up, and kills everyone instantly. It also makes a huge hole in the boat, as it fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Ruby: Quick!, We've got to get to the crate before it sinks! You must now get out of the van and jump into the water and swim out to the boat. There is a time limit counting down from 1.29, so if you havn't Improved your stamina in a gym since you left prison then you will probaly fail the mission at this point. Once you swim to the boat, enter the small marker and a message appears: "Dive underwater and get the crate!" now you must press circle to dive, press X to continue diving, once you get near to the crate press the triangle button to grab ahold of it, and begin swimming to the surface. It will be 2x as hard to swim upwards now. Once you make it to the surface a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Ruby: Come on, lets go!, We've got it! Sean: We!? Ruby and Sean start swimming away as it fades to black FADE IN: CUTSCENE Ruby and Sean are back on the shore, and soaking wet. Sean is carrying the crate of spikes and he drops it on the floor and starts coughing Ruby: I'll take these to Robby Ruby picks up the crate and throws it into the back of the van and starts driving off Sean: (Out of breath) Can I atleast.. Get a ride into.. Town!? The screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Mission Passed! £600 + Respect +!
  8. You will be prompted with a message on-screen: "You can now take missions from Yakuza Gang members." There will be a Pink Dragon in a white Circle logo at the Warehouse in the Countryside, and you recieve 15 missions total from Yakuza Gang members, which include: Stealing fast cars, Antagonising Fox Gang members, and Getaway Driver. Once you complete all 15 missions, you will recieve a cash spawn outside of the Warehouse of up to £1000, and you will recieve alot of Respect + in the Yakuza Gang slot, to where you can recruit up to 2 Yakuza members after you've finished all 15 mini-missions. Next we're going to go and save our game then go back and do one of Grant's missions. Enter the marker outside of the club to begin. "Crash & Fuel" CUTSCENE Sean enters into the club where Grant is yelling at construction workers to get things finished. The club looks about 80% finished and lots of workmen are busy, loading carpets in. Grant notices Sean Grant: Well, It wasn't long before those other bar's got back up and running, you obviously did a sh*t job, kid. They're each recieving a state-obliged truck full to the brim with crates of alcohol. I wan't you to make sure that it doesn't get there, and it comes here instead, got it? Sean: Yeah, I got it... Sean walks out of the club as it fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY You're standing outside of the club and you get three blips on your radar, each is a truck. You must make your way to the trucks before they make it to their respective destinations, and jack the trucks and drive them back to Grant's nightclub. For each one you jack you will recieve one star on your wanted level. Once you have brung back all three trucks to Grant's club, a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Sean gets out of the last truck which you parked in the Blue marker and Grant meets him outside Grant: Good work, here Grant hands over some cash to Sean Grant: I'd give you more, but, It's been a slow week, and It's because of you anyway!, But, I'm a nice guy Sean: You sure are... Sean begins walking away as Grant enters back into the club and the screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Mission Passed! £600 + Respect +! Go and save your game at Ray's hideout. You now have a 4 Leaf Clover icon for Robby, and an "S" for Suni. We're going to go and do Suni's next task. Make your way out to the Countryside and enter the marker outside of Suni's house "Trade" CUTSCENE Suni greets Sean at the doorstep with a smile on his face Suni: The Black Hearts gang from up North in Heart City have agreed to a trade. Heavy machinary for Heavy automobiles. Come on, we don't wan't to be late now, do we? Suni leads Sean away from the house as it fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY A blip appears on the map for where the deal is going to take place. Suni enters into a Yakuza Infernus' passenger seat. Get in and drive your way to the meet in Gadebridge City. When you're there inside of an empty car park, drive into the marker for a cutscene to roll CUTSCENE Yakuza Infernus' begin parking near your Infernus, and Suni and Sean are looking through the windscreen of the car to the otherside of the car park, when an Army Barracks slowly begins backing in Sean: Hey, that looks like... Suni steps out of the car and waits for Sean to do the same. Yakuza members including Sean walk over to the Black Heart members who step out of the back of the Army Barracks Black Heart Member: You got the weapons, mates? Suni: In the trunk of two cars Black Heart Member: Good, we'll be taking them now A Yakuza member's head is popped clean off Suni: It's an ambush!, Sean!, Take out the sniper! The screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY There is a blip on your radar locating the sniper on one of the large nearby buildings. Make your way to the building avoiding gunfire from Black Heart members, or, just shoot them. Go inside of the building and make your way to the top floor before all of the Yakuza members are killed, and you will see the sniper on the roof, shoot at him untill a cutscene rolls CUTSCENE The player should notice the Sniper as the man who ripped Sean off at the Graveyard and stole the Army Barracks without paying for it, and Sean notices it, too Black Heart Sniper: Man!, You didn't have to shoot me! Sean: You owe me alot of money Sean aims a 9MM gun at the Black Heart Sniper's head, even if you didn't have one in your weapon inventory Black Heart Sniper: Alright!, Take the truck back!, Just don't f*ckin kill me! Sean puts the gun back in his back pocket and begins walking away, and Sean's back is turned to the Black Heart Sniper, and the player notices him positioning the sniper rifle up and aiming downwards to the gang war below, and Sean hears the sniper rifle fire, and turns around to see the Black Heart Sniper with a smile on his face, as a chopper comes down, and the Black Heart Sniper gets into it, and Sean begins fireing the 9MM up at it in vein, and it fades to black FADE IN: CUTSCENE Sean makes his way back down to the parking lot, where alot of Yakuza and Black Heart members lay dead, and Sean runs over to Suni who is on the floor with a large stomach wound Sean: Don't worry, Suni. I'll get you to a hospital, just hang on The screen fades to black again FADE IN: CUTSCENE Sean brings a Yakuza Infernus around to Suni and gets out and puts Suni into the passenger seat and gets back into the Infernus END OF CUTSCENE A message appears on screen: "Get Suni to the hospital", about half way to the hospital you will be ambushed by Dark Red Kuruma's, containing Black Heart members. Avoid the car catching on fire and get to the hospital, once there, drive into the marker outside CUTSCENE Sean gets out of the Infernus and grabs an Intern Doctor on his cigarette break Sean: Quick, get help for my friend! The Intern runs over to the Infernus and sees Suni inside, and the Intern Doctor proceeds to throw up Intern Doctor: I need help out here!! The Intern continues throwing up as paramedics get to the Infernus, and it fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Mission Passed! Respect +!
  9. I write it all out in a Rich Text Document then work on it, then post it. The other main reason I don't come here much is that I only seem to be getting one reply per mission, which is by you (and I appreciate it. Without you, it'd be dead by now just like Cubanwhip's story. He stopped getting replies so he stopped writing on this forum.) So if anybody else, lurking in the shadows out there actually enjoys this and reads it, start posting more often and I'll have more of a reason to return. . --- Go and save your game. Once again, there is a 4 Leaf clover for Robby. An "S" for Suni, and a Champagne glass for Grant. This time we're going to go and do Robby's mission at the Evening News Arena. "Something Missing..." CUTSCENE Sean is walking through the Evening News Arena as he finds Robby on his cigarette break. Robby puts it out and waves him over Robby: A couple a' feds have been scoping my apartment out. Management seem to think I've been stealing Television Monitors from this place Sean: And have you? Robby: That's beside the point... I need you to get rid of 'em, now get goin Sean exits the Evening News Arena as the screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY You have a blip on your radar at Robby's apartment, It is two cops in a cop car. Robby has left some Molotiv Cocktails in the alley behind his house, they appear as a green blip on your radar. Go and collect them and make your way to the apartment, when you get near the car Cop #1: Hey! Cop #2: That's Sean Wood! One of the cops begin talking into a radio for back-up, blow the car up with the Molotiv Cocktails and a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Two cops come around the corner on bikes and see Sean, and start speeding towards him END OF CUTSCENE Two blips appear on the radar for the cops on bikes, waste 'em. The mission is complete. Mission Passed! £750 + Respect +! Save your game at Ray's hideout. You still have the "S" for Suni, the 4 Leaf Clover for Robby and the Champagne glass for Grant. This time we're going to go and see Suni. Make your way to the Countryside and enter the marker outside of his house. "Communication Issues" CUTSCENE Sean knocks on the door of Suni's large estate, and a Camera above the door zooms in, then the door opens, and Sean walks inside to find Suni with two Japanese girls in school uniforms walking past him Suni: Ah, Sean Wood... I knew I'd be seeing you again Sean: How's it going, Suni? Suni: Quite bad, and I'm glad you showed up. My friend Loki is somewhere in town and he's planning on a robbery at a local 'Fox Gang' hangout, and he isn't answering his phone Sean: So, why is this a problem? Suni: Because the back-up won't be able to find him, and I fear the Fox Gang members will hunt him down. If you can, find him and give this to him Suni hands a tracking device to Sean Suni: Tell him to switch it on when he gets it, you don't have much time so please hurry, Sean Sean begins walking away looking at the tracking device as it fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Sean is standing outside of Suni's mansion, and a Yakuza Infernus gang car is sitting infront of you. A message appears: "Look around local Fox Gang hang out spots for Loki." You will have a timer counting down from 8.59 and you will have 4 Fox Gang spots to get to. One is a park, Loki is not here, and you will be attacked by Fox Gang members wielding melee weapons. Another is a local bar, Loki is not here, and you will be attacked by Fox Gang members wielding melee weapons. Another is just outside of the currently closed Airport, Loki is not here, and you will be attacked by Fox Gang members wielding automatic weapons. The last is a Lesbian Strip club. Enter it and you will get a cutscene CUTSCENE Loki is seen speeding around the corner in a Yakuza Infernus, and behind him a bunch of Fox Comet's start speeding after him END OF CUTSCENE Loki's car now has a Damage meter, and you must take out the three Fox Comet's after him, and once you've taken the three car's out, you must now stop Loki with a Pivot maneuver, and a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Loki gets out of the Yakuza Infernus and points an Uzi at Sean Loki: You f*cked with the wrong guy, pal Sean: Relax!, Suni sent me, to give you a tracking device to let your friends know where you are! Loki: Haha, That's a little late now, isn't it? Three more Fox Gang Comet's speed around the corner as Sean tosses the tracking device to Loki END OF CUTSCENE You must now continue protecting Loki, and wait for back-up to arrive, and continue taking out the Fox Comet's untill none are left. Then another cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Loki and the other Yakuza Infernus' stop and Sean stops, and they get out of the car Loki: Thanks for the help, me and you, we should hit some more Fox Gang spots sometime... Here Loki hands some money to Sean Loki: I'll see you around Loki gets back into the Infernus along with the other Yakuza members and they speed away as the screen fades to black, and the mission is over FADE IN: GAME PLAY Mission Passed! £4000 + Respect +!
  10. There is now a 4 Leaf Clover icon still available at the Evening News Arena for Robby. A Champagne glass for Grant at the club, and an "S" icon for Suni, the Yakuza gang member you just met in the Warehouse. Go and save your game, and next we're going to go and do another Grant mission at the Club. Walk into the marker outside of the club once again to begin the mission. "Only One" CUTSCENE Sean is walking through the club, which is still having extensive work done to it. Grant approaches him and hangs up his cellphone Grant: You stupid prick! Sean: What the hell did I do? Grant: Because you f*cked my club up, the competition is taking all my profits! I wan't you to go to every club in this town and make your destructive nature useful! Sean walks out of the club as the screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Sean is standing outside of the Club. You should have recieved 500 rounds of Uzi ammo. If you had a Tec 9, it has now become an Uzi. There will be 3 blips on your map, each is a club. Make your way to the first one and enter the large Yellow marker to walk inside of the door. Once you're inside, start shooting at all destructable items, such as: Tables, paintings on the wall, etc. You'll know when it's done because writing will appear saying: "Move onto the next club!, this place is ruined!" Make your way to the next club. This time, there will be Bouncers trying to stop you. They don't have weapons, so just waste them, then waste the interior design of the club. Move onto the next club, this time the club has Bouncers with Melee weapons and Automatic weapons, but shouldn't be too hard. Waste them, then waste the club and go back outside and you shall recieve a phonecall. Sean: Hello? Grant: Good job, Sean. My club is getting customers again!, they have to come here even though there are workers and sawdust all over the place! Sean: Good. I've always heard sawdust and alcohol were a great mix Grant: Was that a joke?, because I could put a bunch of sawdust in a drink and try it Sean: ...It wasn't a joke Grant: Okay, thanks Sean Sean hangs the phone up Mission Passed! £2000 + Respect +!
  11. Because I'm there everyday and I remember to post more frequently. Here, I never come to, so I forget sometimes --- You will now have a 4 Leaf clover Icon back at the Evening News Arena for Robby, and a Champagne Glass icon back at the club you were just at. Go and save your game at Ray's hideout, and this time we're going to go and do the club mission. Enter the marker just outside the club "Grand Theft Auto 2" CUTSCENE Sean walks through the club which is having major work done to it, and the Man approaches you Man: Good, I didn't have to send out a search party for you Sean: Nope. I'm dependable, don't worry about that Man: Maybe I found a diamond in the rough then... Maybe you were worth all that pain you caused to my wallet. My name is Grant. Grant Gilmoore Sean: Sean Wood Grant: Have a seat Sean and Grant sit down in the Lounge area Grant: I don't have to explain to you about the constant Gang warfare going on in Green State, do I? Sean: I've seen plenty so far Grant: Because there is one gang in this town that owns a stake in this club, and they expect me to pay them insane cuts, or they will plain and simply castrate me, and hang me out to dry while they take the club over... They gave me a list recently, of cars that they would like to be delivered to their warehouse out in the Countryside, near Gadebridge City. I wan't you to collect those cars, and deliver them Grant hands Sean the list and Sean looks it over and stands up and begins leaving Grant: Hey, but don't forget, you've still got alot more work ahead of you Sean exits the club as the screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Sean is standing outside of the club. A message appears on screen: "You must get all three cars on the list and Deliver them to the Warehouse in the Countryside. Be careful not to damage them too much, or you will have to get them re-sprayed. The nicer they are, the more you will be paid." A timer appears counting backwards from 9.59. You must get to the first car, and take it to the Warehouse in the Countryside. The Warehouse is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and many Yakuza men operate there. Once you drive the first car there a Yakuza guard will let you park it inside the garage, and there will always be a respawnable Sanchez near a tree by the Warehouse, for quick access back into Gadebridge City. Once you get the other two cars, and depending how smashed up the cars are when you take them to the Yakuza warehouse, a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Sean delivers the final car into the Garage and gets out, as a Yakuza member in a white suit approaches him, with two bodyguards Suni: My name is Suni Suni bows, and Sean bows back Suni: I hear that you have retrieved the cars on our list, very well done...err?... Sean: Sean. Sean Wood Suni: Ah, that Sean Wood that I've been hearing so much about. You've become quite famous throughout Green State Sean: Believe me, It's un-intentional Suni laughs as the bodyguards laugh with him Suni: My house is quite near here, just in the woods a little south. If you're interested, stop by Sean: I'm meant to be putting in some work for Grant Suni: Grant Gilmoore... Grant's a washed up nobody in this town. We've taken control. Things were a little different before you arrived, and Grant will have his time come to an end very very soon Sean begins walking out of the Warehouse garage Suni: Just think about it, Sean The screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Mission Passed! Maximum Cash: £5000 Minimum Cash: £1000 (Depending on Damage) Respect +!
  12. Go and save your game then make your way to the Evening News Arena in Gadebridge City and walk into the marker just outside the large doors. "Drive Me Crazy" CUTSCENE Sean is walking through the entrance of the Evening News Arena, when a scruffy looking man in a Janitor uniform approaches Sean Robby: Oi, you must be Sean Sean: (Looking around) I'm going to be working for a Janitor? Robby: Hahaha, no, no. I'm using this as a front, I'm working on something in this building. Maybe if I can get to know you a little better, I can include you in it... It's big bucks, laddy. Big bucks! Sean: Whatever you say, man. What do you wan't me to do for you, because I'm warning you now; I need to make some serious cash... This town is complete garbage Robby: Oi, oi, I need you to drive my cousin Mini to her Radio Studio across town. She's not made any friends with the Yakuza who operate out of this town, also she hasn't exactly made friends with the Fox gang who operate out of here aswell, and either one of them could be after her at anytime Sean: I'll drive her for the right price Robby: Oi, alrighty, she should be here in a second Mini starts walking through the back door when she spots Robby and Sean Mini: Is he my new driver, Robby!? Robby: Yeah Mini: Urgh, ok, come on, let's go The screen begins fading to black as Sean and Mini exit the Evening News Arena FADE IN: CUTSCENE Sean gets into a Limo parked outside and Mini gets into the back Mini: Take me to the dry cleaners first, I need to pick up my weekend dress END OF CUTSCENE A blip appears on the radar for the dry cleaners. You cannot damage the Limo too much or she will get out and leave, resulting in a Mission failure. Once you get there a Cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Mini gets out of the Limo and goes into the Dry cleaners and picks up her dress. She will come out and get back in Mini: Take me to Grant Gilmoore's club across town END OF CUTSCENE You get a blip for the club across town, but this time you will be attacked by a Fox Gang car, when you're attacked an in-game chat will start Mini: Ahh! Get us out of here! These crazy whores don't know when to quit! Take the gang car out and make your way to the club, when you get there a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Mini gets out of the Limo, and Sean gets out too and they go inside the Club, where a man in a black suit greets them Man: Good day, Mini. How's the radio business treating you? Mini: It's hard work!, I really need to take a load off!, Driver-boy, stay here while me and my friend get re-acquainted upstairs... Mini and the man leave and you sit at the bar as some Fox Gang members come into the place Fox Gang member: Her Limo's parked outside! Search the place, girls! END OF CUTSCENE Many pink blips appear on the map for Fox Gang members. You need to protect the staircase, and make sure none go upstairs, by killing them. Once they're all dead a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Mini and the man come downstairs looking at all the carnage Man: What the hell did you do to my club!? Mini: Are you a f*cking psychopath!? Man: You're going to work this f*cking debt off, you understand me!? Many bouncers surround Sean Sean: Alright, relax Man: When you're done being errand boy, get your ass back here Mini escorts Sean out of the club Mini: What the f*ck is with you!? Sean: I was trying to protect you Sean and Mini get back into the Limo Mini: Just get me to my Radio show before It goes live on the air The gameplay kicks in once again, and a timer appears counting down from 2.29, and you must make your way to the Radio tower. Once you're there, stop in the marker and Mini will get out and go inside the building Mission Passed! £3000 + Respect +!
  13. Now, you only have one icon, and that is the Churchbell in The Wasteland, so, save your game and make your way back over there and enter the marker inside the graveyard aslong as It's between 12am-5am "Truck Stop" CUTSCENE Sean is wandering around in the Graveyard, looking for the man who phoned him. He has a 9MM out incase it's a set up. A flashlight turns on over at a Gravestone, and It's pointed at Sean Sean: Get that thing outta my face Man: A deal is taking place in Gadebridge City, inside the park. Get there and make sure no one is left standing, and retrieve the item for me, and bring it back here. You will be paid well. One of my boys will ride shotgun Sean starts walking out of the Graveyard as the screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY A car is parked near you. Get into it, and you'll notice a man is inside the passenger seat. You have a timer that begins dropping from 4.59, and an ingame chat should occur while you're driving to the marker at the park in Gadebridge City Sean: Who are you? Man: We are part of a street gang, it isn't important which one Sean: Well, where are you located? Man: Heart City. The in-game chat will stop there. Make your way to the park, and you'll get a bunch of blips on the radar map come up, the light blue ones are enemies, and a large green one is the item you must steal. Waste everyone there and a message will appear: "Get the item!" run towards the green blip, and you'll see that it's a large Army truck. Men will get out of the back and shoot at you, waste them then get into the truck, if the gang member is still alive, let him get in aswell. Once you're in you will have a two-star wanted level and you must drive all the way back to the Wasteland Church grounds. The Army vehicle can take alot of punishment so it shouldn't be too hard to get back. Once you're there, drive into the marker CUTSCENE Sean will get out of the Army truck. The man is no where to be found, as Sean is looking around the Graveyard for him Sean: Hey?... Sean hears the Army truck start up and he runs back through the Graveyard to see it driving away Sean: Son of a bitch! The screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY Mission Passed! There should be no icon's available now. After about 30 seconds you'll recieve a phonecall. Answer it Sean: Hello? Robby: Oi, I'm Robby. Ruby McAllester's cousin. She said you were dependable, so If you wanna make a little extra cash, come and see me at the Evening News Arena The phone goes dead and Sean hangs the phone up. There is now a 4 Leaf clover icon in Gadebridge City.
  14. There are now two Icon's left, the Cop Star and the Church bell. We're going to go do the Cop Star mission now, so save your game and make your way to the Police Station down town and enter the marker around the back of the station "Hand In The Cookie Jar" CUTSCENE Sean is walking through the alley and makes his way out the other side, where a helicopter is stationed above his head, and some cops begin coming around the corner Cop #1: There he is! Cop #2: Take him dead or alive!! Sean begins running as cops follow him and the screen fades to black FADE IN: GAME PLAY A bunch of cop blips are on your radar, you need to waste them all. Once all the cops are wasted a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Sean sees a PCJ-600 park and a guy get off. Sean runs over to the bike and hops on END OF CUTSCENE Text appears across the screen: "Lose the heat!". You will have a three star wanted level. You need to go to the Pay 'N' Spray icon. Once you're there, go inside. A message will say the usual "This one is free, next time It'll be £100". Once you've lost the chopper and heat a cutscene will roll CUTSCENE Sean stops the bike and leaves it behind an alley and looks around for the chopper, and It's no where in sight, as Sean walks out of an alley, a man in a brown jacket and brown hat stops him, as Sean is stopped in his tracks and begins running the other way when he sees a badge on his coat pocket, and the camera focuses on the cops face as he pulls out a 9MM and points it at Sean and cocks it. The cop is Ray Machowski, the player should still recognize him fairly easy from GTA III, as he hasn't changed that much in appearance Ray: Hold it, kid Sean stops when he hears the hammer and pulls out a 9MM from his back pocket, even If you didn't have one before this mission and he turns around, pointing it at Ray Sean: You wanna take me down, you're in for a fight old man Ray: I'm here to help you, kid. Ray puts his gun down on the floor and signals for Sean to do the same. Sean doesn't comply Ray: Come over here and search me then, I ain't got anything on me Sean makes his way over to Ray and begins searching him, finding him clean, Sean backs up and drops the weapon Sean: What do you mean by you can help me? Ray: I know who you are, and know that you were set up to take the fall of that murder Sean: How do you know all of this? Ray: Because It was the same son of a bitch who set me up six years ago and almost cost me everything! Sean: All I need is a name, and I can take care of it myself Ray: It's not that easy, kid. Six years ago, maybe you could of, but now, he's a little more 'air tight' Sean: All I need is a f*cking name, old man! Sirens are heard in the distance, approaching fast Ray: Quick!, come with me! Sean: And how do I know I can trust you!?, You're a cop after all! Ray: I'm not a cop anymore!, but the GSPD don't know that!, Now come on! You don't have a choice! Sean reluctantly follows Ray around an alley and into a brown Kuruma, as the screen begins fading to black FADE IN: CUTSCENE Ray stops the Kuruma outside the back of an apartment complex Ray: Stay here for a while, let the heat cool down. I'll be in contact, kid Sean: I'll take my chances on the street, thanks Sirens are heard getting closer Ray: Are you sure about that? Ray begins driving off, and the mission is complete Mission Passed! You can now save your game inside of Ray's hideout in Gadebridge City.
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