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  1. I joined 3 months ago and im 10 close to Ryder Johnson. Im in LV in San Andreas. I beat GTA3 and ill play the original GTA at my friends house. Im a fan of younger players.

  2. *A Speedometer

    *A bigger map

    *Cooler cars

    *More accesories in the car shops

    *The ability to rob banks

    *More Gangs

    *Good graphics

    *cooler characters

    *Tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes, and Tsunamis

    *More weapons

    *Smarter characters

    *More missions

    *Do missions for previous Pratoganists

    *Break weapons

    *More than 1 gym in each city

    *Scarier storyline

    *More Damage effects

    *Buildings get damaged when you hit them

    *Skateboards,bike, and roller blades

    *Play Sports

    *More cheat codes

    *A odometer

    *monster trucks

    *some celebs if u r aloud

    *make Liberty City bigger

    *make the game in the future!

    *Lay down and crawl

    *More clothing companies

    *Cook in your kitchen


    *Buy objects for your house

    *Play more videogames

    *Watch movies

    *Make the game for PS2

    *Buy cars from car shops

    *Steal clothes from people you kill

    *Side missions

    *Have some Ironic way you get out of the plane to Liberty City

    *Have a bank

    *Join gangs

  3. 1.Speedometre

    2.more damage

    3.bigger map

    4.more cars

    5.do missions for characters previous gta characters did

    6.more weapons

    7.put it on ps2

    8.more missions

    9.more gangstas

    10.go into every shop

    11.have people who died in previous gtas come back to life



    14.more bikes

    15.more weather tornados,mud slides,etc.


    I'll have more later

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