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    GTA V Is Coming on 17th September, 2013

    I'm expecting another delay, possibly for an October release. Either way I won't be able to afford this once it gets release, I'll have to wait for the price to drop
  2. I can't find the website, but I believe people have already been getting a head start on making a GTA V multiplayer mod for when the PC version releases. I'm not sure what's going on with that, especially since the game hasn't even been released yet and won't be for some time.
  3. Highwire

    TGTAP's 10th Anniversary

    I'm a bit late, but happy birthday TGTAP! I can't believe the website has been around for that long! I've been here for 6 of those years already, and damn the site has changed a lot. Glad to see it's still around and can't wait to see TGTAP's future.
  4. Highwire

    Sony PS4 Announcement

    I can't tell whether I'm going with Sony or Microsoft for the next generation, but we'll see. I'll have to wait for the prices to drop so I have time to decide. PS4 looks decent but I've heard rumors that both next gen systems will not have the ability to play used games, and that you may have to pay extra to unlock them like EA currently does. That would be terrible and I would skip out on the next generation if those rumors are true.
  5. Highwire

    Three Word Story

    and choked on
  6. Highwire

    Sexual Preference

    You're straight. Your sexual preference comes down to whichever one you are sexually attracted to.
  7. Highwire

    How much do you like GTA?

    The only series I haven't gotten sick of yet. I've been playing it since 2001 and still play actively!
  8. Highwire

    Buy GTA Advance

    Where can I buy GTA Advance in Richmond or at least Somewhere near. But tell me store names dont tell me to buy it at ebay etc.
  9. Highwire

    Do you have it?

    I don't have it cause I don't have a GBA but I think the game sounds sorta good somehow.
  10. Highwire

    GTA 5 ideas

    What are your thoughts of a GTA 5 for in the future.
  11. Highwire

    First GTA?

    What was the first GTA you ever played? My first was GTA 3 when I was 7. Man I loved that game bu then I lost it and last month I bought it again.
  12. Highwire

    Should I Post This Here?

    Just edit the main post. It should give you the option to edit the thread title write above all your writing in the post.
  13. Highwire

    Favourite Music Genre

    Rap/Hip Hop (Mainly stuff from the West Coast, South and Midwest), Blues, Soul, Reggae, Funk and some Rock (more grunge-like artists, or ones which are a fusion of any other of my favorite genres). I prefer more calm, smooth and laid back tracks over the loud and upbeat ones.
  14. Highwire

    I got hit not once but twice

    NOD32 is the best one I've used so far. I really don't pay attention to viruses on my computer unless they start fucking with things, but I make sure my computer is fully secured since I do a lot of downloading.
  15. Highwire

    GTA IV: San Andreas Beta #1 Released

    lol, is that supposed to be CJ? Looks like some dude from Central/South America. The mods looks pretty cool still. I'd download it if I was able to run GTA 4 on my computer.
  16. Highwire

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    I've been banned on a few rap music sharing forums for "leeching", since I didn't upload anything of value and just leeched links from them. Warned a bunch of times on here though, but they're at least three years old.
  17. Highwire

    Top 10 Most Played.

    Skee 64 - The Life We Live Kilo G - Wayout The Dayton Family - What's On Your Mind? Part 2 The Dayton Family - Thru a Thang X-Raided - Land of the Lost 6ftatfulltilt - It Takes a Thief Blackjack - No Love C-Bo - 187 Dance Mac Mall - Ghetto Stardom Shoestring - Sunshine & Blow According to iTunes, but it'd probably be different if it included my play count from my iPhone.
  18. Highwire

    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome back and welcome everyone new and returning... ... Including me! I've been a member here since 2007, but I left for a while after the site has decreased activity, I've also been very busy but I'm gonna try to come back as much as I can Same here. I was only ten back then, and I remember being so ignorant and retarded. Sucks how much the site's decreased in activity since I've been gone. I remember back in 07/08 there was a new post every few seconds. How's everyone been doing? And also, I'd like to say sorry to everyone for being such a retard lol. Also to the mods for having to put up with my shit.
  19. Highwire

    Grand Theft Auto SA installing problem?

    Just wait a bit. I'm sure it works, and when it freezes it's just extracting a big file like gta3.img.
  20. Highwire

    Should they bring back GTA San Andreas

    I don't see why they wouldn't, wasn't SA like.. Their best seller? I think they should keep it in the 90s, or maybe back when 'Brian' was around so we know what happened and stuff like that.
  21. Highwire

    gta3.img lock

    I can see you got it set to open with PowerISO, could you right click it and take a screenshot? I can tell you what to do from there.
  22. Highwire


    I'm sure there has been tons of these before, but since they're old I guess it's alright. I like Radio Los Santos and Radio X.
  23. Highwire

    Porn virus holds gamers to ransom

    I don't really understand how having your history for the world to see a problem. What if you're over 18? And what if your parents don't have computers? There shouldn't really be a problem, unless the FBI sees.. Then you are officially fucked.
  24. Highwire

    Keith "Guru" Elam (8-Ball in GTA3) dies

    He was one of my favorite rappers. R.I.P. Guru!