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  1. hentai is one of my guilty pleasures too, i've been looking at it, downloading it and even having weird fantasies about it for some years now. i like the stuff i admit. dunno why, its just good stuff. but i mostly like the pokemon and digimon hentai. if any of my friends or family see this, im perfectly fucked so, lets keep all this here and not tell anyone else . the 'normal' porn is good, but, i like the pokemon & digimon hentai more
  2. there's a few ford mustangs i would like for gta san andreas. i've posted a few pics of the ones i want, and if anyone could tell me if these ones are in gta san andreas aleady or if someone would be kind enough to have a go at creating some of them. so, here's the pics:
  3. oh, one more thing zmoonchild: can you send me a save game where i can do the mission 'house party'? that would be nice.
  4. i've downloaded the saves i wanted, and it all works fine. so thanks zmoonchild.
  5. i've done all that shit, and v1.00 saves will work now . so yeah it all works. so zmoonchild, can you send me some saves or something...
  6. Sure, I could post some v1.0 saved-games, but I don't think they'll work for a downgraded v2.0 I did purchase v2.0, but I never installed it, I prefer v1.0 I'll check to see if I can find a link to convert v1.0 to v2.0, and update this post if I do; that's probably the best route to go. Here, try this: Way For V2 Users To Do V1 It converts v1.0 to v2.0 It was created by Ryan92. It may work for you, let me know. yeah i'll give it a go, see if this shit works, tell you the result later.
  7. theres no mission that you will kill both smoke and ryder... ryder was killed at San Fierro while Smoke died during the last mission btw... i know a website where you can choose which missions you would download can you post a link to that site plz?
  8. there's some save games i would like, one save game is when you get to do the mission where you kill big smoke & ryder, and another where you do the very last mission in the game. it would be cool if someone could send me these save games. and my sa is v2.00, but i used a patcher to downgrade it to v1.00 so i could install mods. and if someone is going to send me these, my e-mail is [email protected]
  9. now these may be "ugly-assed" cars to you and others, but to people including me and others, they aren't "ugly-aseed" cars, they are ok cars that me and others like. and what kind of cars would you like in a request if you made one? state what you would want. one more thing: keep your comments to yourself please. ones like that anyway. i'm being nice now, and i dont wanna start some dumb retarded flame war. i already got enough enemies online, i dont need anymore thanks. and there will be someone who is kind enough to do what i have asked for nicely, it may take a while, but there will be. sometime. and if it's ok, how old are you? just intersted to know. i'm 18.
  10. some of my fav phrases are: "ah, for fuck sake!" "you complete fuckin' moron!" "my car, my fuckin' car!!" "my ride, fool!" i love them ones......and many others.
  11. i have a few car requests for san andreas. and could someone try and maybe find these cars if the are already made for san andreas, or maybe create them. anyways, here's pics:[attac hment=2635:85yskyfd.jpg] i hope what i have asked can be done. not only would i be happy with it, many others will be too.
  12. Is there anyone who has this custom mission script and would be able to maybe send it to me? Because the download link is fucked, I (and possibly others can't download it) and this is what i'm doing at the moment . This is the link to the messed up thing : http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=526 go to that and you'll see what i'm talking about. So can someone pleeese help me? It would be really nice if someone could. And that damn link should be fixed too....... email is [email protected]
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