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  1. How very smart of you. Yep. Nope. Not unless you wanna have some more issues with your PS3 (more specifically, PSN ban) and buy yet another one. I had to buy a new PS3 because multiple things broke. BlueRay drive and such failed, as well as a myriad of other things. But anyway. I asked because Ive seen guys talk about modding the PARAM data. The PARAM data saves the users ID number and SYSTEM ID. I wanted to know if this were in fact true can you use a program to go in and change the user ID to your own as well as swap the system ID.
  2. So I recently obtained GTA iv Complete Edition. My PS3 went through some issues so I got another one. I am trying to take the data for my GTA IV C.E. and copy it to me new PS3 but when I load the game in and such it say the file was created by another user. Im guessing its the work of sony's copy protection at hand. Any way to mod the data and be able to use it? I could care less about trophies and such.
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