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  1. homo, lol did you die? you havent been online in ages

  2. GiftedMisfit

    [VC] Abnoxious

  3. GiftedMisfit

    [VC] Abnoxious

    Thanks for the comments so far.. YouTube Link added -
  4. GiftedMisfit

    [VC] Abnoxious

    My first VC solo has arrived.. I think Gof did an amazing job editing this. Personally I think it's his best work to date. He doesn't even know I've watched the final version yet Would just like to say, Thanks man, swell job The name abnoxious was chosen because all of the stunts are old (I believe) and this fact annoys some people, but honestly I dont care, I was just havin fun in VC. ABNOXIOUS - @ TGA (the gamers alliance) - ABNOXIOUS on the Tube
  5. GiftedMisfit

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Thats awesome man Happy I can still take part, I say we let Ghost edit this 1.
  6. GiftedMisfit

    [SA]New Collab Video

    Yea I can get my stunts back, or re-up them, so I guess Im out, My motherboard blew up on my good computer so I cant access all my .reps. Sorry fellas, maybe DC still has mine
  7. GiftedMisfit

    The TGTAP Stunting Challenges

    Double Post, and *Bump* Surely someone can beat me, this is what I got with an Angel
  8. GiftedMisfit


    Right on Slayer wheelie, wtf man ?
  9. GiftedMisfit


    I know it was your opinion man, Im sorry what I said might've came off a little errogant (for lack of better word) This video wasn't really a serious video, just .reps I had laying around, and I even had better stuff in VC2SA but Gof's vc2sa got corrupted and that's all he could watch/record. Again, Im sorry, I just do what I find fun.
  10. GiftedMisfit


    Here's the thing, I do what I find fun and fun to me is p2b's, NaturalBumps, and iBSM's are just addictive. Car stunts are awesome, just get very boring (for myself) as far as other methods go. I love grinding, but not in SA, cause it just looks horrible. Then ofcourse there's monster dynamics, which I find not fun at all, not in the slightest bit. But none-the-less, I'm glad you liked it. I just do what's FUN
  11. GiftedMisfit


    Here's my new solo. Big thanks to Godfather who edited this for me Its SA, VC2SA, and SALC. Stream + Download
  12. GiftedMisfit

    [SA/Gostown Mod]I Woke Up In A Strange Place

    Heres the mod - CLICK ME
  13. GiftedMisfit

    [SA/Gostown Mod]I Woke Up In A Strange Place

    Just wicked guys, this is awesome. gostown looks pretty cool. I may need to get that and that last bump was beauty