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  1. NO. I guess, these all are independent of story missions.
  2. Dear all, I want a single PC saved game file which includes all the following missions completed. Where can I found that file? Please help me. Thanks in advance. . Unique Jumps (70) . Las Venturas Horseshoes (50) . Oysters (50) . Los Santos Tags (100) . San Fierro Photo-Ops (50)
  3. Dear all, where can I get all missions saved files? Not a single 100% saved file.
  4. Ohh, sorry for the confusion. I want to freeze mission time.
  5. Where can I find Unique jumps map and all other maps of SA?
  6. How can I take pictures and videos of a running game? Is any other method other than Print Screen command?
  7. I want to become King of San Andreas. How Can I ? How many members of this forum achieved this?
  8. Mine: Intel Dual core 2.8 GHZ Processor Asrock 775i945GZ M.B 512 MB DDR RAM 18x DVD Writer 80 GB SATA HDD The game is running smoothly, only when I choose the medium graphics option and rest of all options are at high level. NO ANTI ALIASING? What is it?
  9. But, which one is great for me. I am a PC user.
  10. Yeah, I got them. Thank you Very much.
  11. Well, I want to know the statistics of mine. By pressing tab, I am able to see my Strength, Respect, Muscle etc. In the same way is any way to know the number of vehicles blasted by me and how many gang members are killed by me? and also my criminal rating.
  12. Where can I found my cheat counter, statistics and my criminal rating? I want to become king of SA.
  13. Thank you very much. If it unlockable, then how to get that "Hot Coffee" ?
  14. Guide for all missions and hidden things..
  15. How can I know it is available or not in my game?
  16. Dear all, I am newbie. I have just started. While searching this forum I found this word "Hot Coffee". What is this? I don't think it is a mission.
  17. How to reset cheat counter to Zero?
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