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  1. juggalo

    San Andreas Stories discussion

    for once i agree with i shot a bear, they made those games cause vice city and gta3 were lacking something
  2. juggalo

    No Carcer City for me Thanks

    how can u complain about me spamming, f***in hypocrite
  3. juggalo

    any rap fans? if so.....

    i like 2pac, 3 6 mafia, nas a little, nonphixion, bone thugs, atmosphere, snoop dogg back in the day("doggy style" "the last meal"), ice cube in the earyl 90s, cypress hill, easy e is the shit, dr dre("the chronic"), ghost face killa, project pat
  4. juggalo

    halo ce

    i have it for pc, so yes, i did play, i was good, i was the leader of my own clan, but i havent had that pc for a while, so i fell off, but im almost done reapring my other pc, so ill be back online in a few weeks, probably gonna start my clan again, if anyone is good and wants to tryout, look for [wc] tryouts next week, need good snipers!!!
  5. juggalo

    What game consoles do you own

    xbox, snes and gba
  6. juggalo


    yeah, i was thinking that too, you should be able to bribe cops, also, you should be able to choose to betray the person your doing missions for
  7. juggalo

    Most kills in Vice city

    probably thousands, ive completed it 3 times, and have went on countless rampages
  8. juggalo

    Star Fox 64

    oh, your right, i havent played in 3 years, sector y is easy for me though, aquas is hard as hell, when your trying to get the medal, it took me forever, also, star fox 64 isnt the best game for n64, conker's bad fur day is #1
  9. juggalo

    Can We Just Get Along?

    you think i give a f*** if people here like me....NO, this is the internet, the only things its good for are porn, and flaming with people online, there are plenty of other gta sites out there, so why dont you stop complaning, cause you cant do anything about it
  10. juggalo

    No Carcer City for me Thanks

    there are plently of different locations in manhunt, theres a police station, parks, a mental hospital, the director's big ass manshion, and lots of other places, and like spaz has been saying, you havent seen the entire city, there are only bits and pieces of this city is manhunt
  11. juggalo

    Rockstars bully game

    i forgot about this game, cause no ones been takling about it, but im with artutkim and airahii, i bet it'lle be fun in the beggining but not much replay value, just like the warriors
  12. juggalo

    Lets talk about Manhunt

    i can understand them wanting a game like that to go away, but even if it was linked to a murder, millions of people, including me, played that game, and just because 1 out of those millions of people decides to murder someone, dosent mean we should all miss out on this game, i have it on pc, but i dont have a good pc at the moment, so i cant play it, i wanted to get it for xbox, but if its banned in chicago imma be pissed
  13. i agree mostly, but not all old lady have false teeth, or memory loss, or needs a cane, and i meant it would be fun to see, im sure rockstar wouldnt do it, but it would be a good joke
  14. juggalo

    Favourite mission

    i like the one where you get the manshion