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  1. Hopefully you are already doing this, but if you make sure you are recording the rep files, not the actual ingame footage. It looks better and you can control the camera angles without worrying about doing the stunt.
  2. nevermind I figured out you have to put the music in the folder.
  3. this is what it says in the readme So all I have to do is install apple quicktime player and all the sudden when I go to usertrack player it will play my music?
  4. Darkness and Kaneda are some of the best stunters in the world. I wouldnt be calling this video modded.
  5. No offense but these aren't stunts. Jumping off a packer over a fence is not stunting. Check out some of the videos here and the stickys at the top fugitive and Deathcobra made. I would rate it 3/10 Remove the replay text next time.
  6. Can you give me a link? I can't find it. Thanks.
  7. Can anyone host this on www.yousendit.com or another type of file upload place. I downloaded JVT logo thing and I don't like it I want the origional. Thanks.
  8. You have gta:sa v 2.0 the saved game you downloaded in v 1.0 grab the downgrader on the sticky at the top of this page.
  9. Thanks alot slayer. I should have put faster music I couldn't think of good music to put tho. I am surprised about people saying my video was decently edited because this is the first time I have ever edited anything. Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback.
  10. Yes I tried it without the mod on i set the water to default before turning it off. That might be the problem, but I really don't know. So instead I just downloaded a car spawner and use it with the crazy trainer.
  11. If anyone can give me those that would be sweet I am trying to make my nrg back to normal. Thanks.
  12. And you used the model Which is looked upon as modding, as it has different collison files to the NRG, therefore reacting differentley to bumps etc... Couldn't you have just split the clip where you wanted to start the reverse, then copied the clip and reversed it then split the clip where you wanted to play it normally and reversed that? It takes about 3 mins in Vegas and I would imagine it is possible in Premiere. I never even thought of it changing the bumps and such. I will take it out now and just use one that have a picture on it. Thanks. Also yes I could have done that but when I did that reverse thing it was after the first 10 minutes of ever using a video editor in my life. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  13. At 0:20 I am not doing a stunt. If you mean the stunt that happens between about 0:20 and 0:26 try it yourself no gravity was changed. When you decrease the gravity the speed of the bike goes slower and I wouldn't have been able to do it. Here is the .REP you can see that my front tire barely makes it up there but it is possible without changing the gravity. EDIT: Oops we post posted at the same time hehe yes it is possible. Thanks for the nice overall comment. BowlToRoofStunt.rar
  14. I am also in Canada and our games are bought from US so if something has a US patch we use it.
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