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  1. Kids
    NO WAY. It's immoral to shoot down kids with a sniper or put them on fire with a flamethrower. Juse, NO!
    cars with regular names
    through out the series they'v had these names. It's quite nice. What names would you want?
    Strip Clubs
    Already had, and surely will have again.
    Present Day
    What's that? You mean just like the game should be in 2007?

    Yea...kids is a retarded idea...thats a law suit waiting to happen.

    Cars...i mean like Mustang and Viper not Stallion and Banshee and stuff like that...not made up names b/c that would be way eaisier for the find the car mini-missions...((in GTASA i had lots of trouble)).

    Present day... yea i mean like 2000-2010...anywhere in between

  2. I want...



    Different looking people

    cars with regular names...not like washington

    Strip Clubs

    more worlds

    Turning signals

    Windsheild wipers

    Cars that drive regular speed

    More Missions

    Present day

    Trees fall

    Better side missions

    Powerlines fall

    Realistic Gameplay

    theres more but i have to go now

  3. How about like newer cars..

    More different people...

    Different looking police

    Different looking gangs


    Post your ideas on what you want to see in the next GTA, and i'll send this off to Rockstar to make you all happy. :D

    Here are mine, some are from what I posted in San Andreas wishlist but werent in the game

    - A Speedometer!

    - When your tires are popped they should shred down to the rims with sparks flying everywhere

    - you should be able to do things to the enviroment like chainsaw down trees to create a roadblock or hang on branches to snap them off and whack people with it

    - be able to pick up stuff like bricks to smash windows

    - or pick up plastic bags to strangle people

    - more weather- it would be cool to have Snow, and maybe a tornado like once every 2 months game time or something and earthquakes or hurricanes

    - more main missions

    - you can cut stuff down like bushes with machete

    - using cutting things like katana etc cuts off limbs where you hit them

    - R3 air ambulance missions in a heli!

    - trees and power lines should fall down and electrocute people in storms

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