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  1. Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/odd_lemonade_emergency This is why old people shouldn't be let loose like this.
  2. 2003


    Instead he found
  3. 2003


    Ear then ejaculated (but seriously, is this supposed to be Three Word Story or sex fiction?)
  4. 2003

    WWE Wrestling

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbnPUegD9f4...re=channel_page I can't fucking believe how far some people go. Bitch deserved it.
  5. 2003

    gta 4 ratman?

    Man I just wish I found him or the alien base lol @ Quoting yourself.
  6. 2003

    Superbowl XLIII Winner

    How could you say that? Don't be jealous! lol i'm not jealous. I'm not even a cardinals fan so i don't really care that they lost the superbowl.
  7. 2003

    WWE Wrestling

    Yeah, i'm happy Orton won the Rumble. He's my second favorite Wrestler on the Raw Brand (Chris Jericho being my favorite). I was also disappointed that Christian didn't return at the Rumble, but that was what everyone was expecting, so now we'll have to wait longer for his return. Hopefully this Matt Hardy turn will help boost his career, unlike last time.
  8. 2003

    Superbowl XLIII Winner

    Congratulations Steelers, but i still hate the team nonetheless.
  9. 2003

    Superbowl XLIII Winner

    I'd love to see the cardinals win, but i wouldn't be surprised if the steelers get the victory. Maybe no foul play this time, though.
  10. Nevermind, i'm an idiot, the ped was a really short girl who was dressed in some-what guy clothing. Sorry Everyone.