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  1. Strange... you should have like 3 honors already

  2. whoo....never knew how stupid i sounded back then.....

  3. has been missing the gtaplace, good to be back on.

  4. K9 Krew

    Whos the best rapper alive?

    Im back peoples ahhhhhh. Any rapper who emerged post 2000 isnt really worthy of this candidate in my eyes, other then underground rappers. I determine rappers by 1. Album quality 2. The impact they leave on the hip hop world and 3. There freestyle abilities. Which is why my choice for best rapper is Big L( R.I.P) as for alive rappers my vote would probably go to Celph Titled, he's underground but has some of the best punchlines in the business.
  5. Yeaa another rap fan :P. I knew you would be cause your user is ODB. Hehe

  6. K9 Krew

    Congratz Obama

    If I'm completely honest. I could not give a fuck.I mean I'm very happy that there is finally a black president being as I'm of Ethiopian decent but really it's just a another president to me. Yes, Bush was a bad president but he was a funny motherfucker.
  7. K9 Krew

    What are you listening to right now?

    Dr Dre - Let's Get High ^Same album^
  8. K9 Krew

    What are you listening to right now?

    Da Rockwilder - Meth and Red
  9. K9 Krew

    What are you listening to right now?

    Too True. Your a wise wise man Azn. Dr Dre - Natural Born Killa
  10. K9 Krew

    What are you listening to right now?

    Yeah that true, but I would never consider G-Unit wannabes....Any rapper who grew up during the 80's crack epidemic cannot be a wannabe, so yes my last statement about Ja Rule is incorrect. Falling - Drapht..Excellent song. Represents Aussie hip hop perfectly.
  11. K9 Krew

    What are you currently playing?

    GTA: Liberty City Stories. Pretty amusing for the time being.
  12. K9 Krew

    Social Groups/Styles etc

    Social groups are for teeny boppers. I smoke alot of weed does that mean I'm part of the weird group of guys who sit in black vans on dark nights getting high, No. I listen to Hip-Hop and Urban styled music continuously does that mean I'm a gangbanging, gun totting, bandanna wearing hoodlum, No. I like to play video games does that mean I'm a nerd who's only friends are 40 years old men on MSN who trick dumb kids by having a user name like sexygirl645? No. People shouldn't be categorized, people can act and dress and do whatever they like without having to be part of some group or clique or scene that people look down upon.
  13. K9 Krew

    What are you listening to right now?

    XLR8 you should embrace all sorts of hip hop. Even if the midget, gangbanger wannabe has a really annoying voice. He has talent. Livin it up - Ja Rule.