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  1. So there are a lot of games out there that do simultaneous launches for Xbox360/PS3/PC. But Why did GTA IV's and GTA V's PC version come out so late? I mean 8 fricking months! V still isnt confirmed. Like, does 'optimizing' a game for PC take such a ling time? Do the companies prefer Consoles? Do consoles make more money for them? PS, its almost here
  2. Maybe the Xbox ONE and the PS4 port will come out with the PC one?
  3. Heres a link, potential spoiler I guess http://www.cheatcc.com/xbox360/grandtheftauto5cheatscodes.html#.UjXrScZmiSo These are Xbox cheats. There are just a few of them. I really miss the dozens and dozens of crazy vice city/ san andreas type of cheats Plus, you cant save them either
  4. **POSSIBLE SPOILER** hm.. while searching for leaks on youtube i came across a 'leaked' gameplay video. It was several minutes long and seemed extra legit. There were Michael and Trevor in some sort of a bank robbery in a snowy season. Could that have been true? One of the comment said the both of them looked younger so this could have been a flashback or something. Im not gonna post the link PM me if you fail at finding it on Youtube.
  5. I posted it yesterday on tgtap's fb page: You can go check it out. Heres what I posted : You can check out where I got it from (the image, not the game damnit!): **link removed** Can't have it. - Sherm
  6. Yeah, unimpressive. But i guess that it was just another stroke in a masterpiece
  7. Its about an hour from now, meanwhile what are you expecting from it? Oh and after the trailer has come, this becomes a discussion topic. k? Oh and could you answer this aswell? By the way, what if V doesn't come out for the PC But i know that it wont happen Thanks!
  8. um..... i have decided something, http://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/297530-building-gaming-computer-gaming-low-budget-help.html if this is spam then i'll delete it.
  9. aw, well time to either get a PS3 or upgrade my laptop, which is not possible. Or I should just sell this, buy a desktop, then upgrade that one. Hm.....
  10. what? it tool 8 months for the pc version? And i also remember that drunk camera, plus dozens of other little bugs and glitches that got fixed over time ( I hope V isn't like that.
  11. hm.... I can play GTA IV at around medium to sometimes high, i usually set everything to High or Medium, and the sliders to 40% or lower. Time will tell, won't it? By the way, the PC versions will eventually come out, right? How long do you think? how much time did IV's PC version take?
  12. ok, so i know that the PC version hasn't been announced yet but if you could guess the requirements then what would you say? I am actually going to buy the PC version because I don't have a PS3 or a Xbox, and have a very cheap laptop, whose specs are: intel i3 2.2 ghz processor 4gb ram nvidia geforce 410 GPU 500gb HDD I have been able to play GTA IV, Assaissins Creed Revelations (2011), and NFS MW: 2012. plus Hitman Absolution 2012. Please you tech. guys, help me!!!! (can i run it?)
  13. I don't know if this is against TGP rules but your best bet is to download this torrent: http://kat.ph/gta-iv-all-audio-files-t5284017.html then using your torrent manager (eg: utorrent) cancel everything out except the speech.rpf file. Hope this helped.
  14. Still haven't learned tomorrows Test :P#Tension !

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