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  1. Where can't i see it to???pls tell me
  2. It looks nice i hope to play the VCS on PC.
  3. i instaled that end i f***t my game
  4. I dont like it:P it dosen't lok real
  5. Cool, i want one to:D i like it
  6. Hmmmm , nice bike but i like the first one its more real:P
  7. Yeah . I tink Cj would be fain i i don't maind
  8. i'm playing ConterStrike1.6 on NET .I'm and admin on an server end i look around for cheters:P:D
  9. I have a "?" When Gta VCS will apeer on PC?
  10. I know and i will wait end when the trailer is out i will watch it:D;)
  11. Thanks.....i will wait for the PC version of Gta IV.And i will watch the videos end images of the ps3 end 360 end hope to finish Gta IV to on PC like the Gta III,VC,SA.) Sorry i don't speech very weel ENGLISH i'm from Romania.
  12. why not?(:((( i only have a PC ....i don't have a ps3 or 360:(( I want to play Gta IV on PC like the rest of GTA SERIES:((
  13. I have a ? Gta IV can't be played on PC ?
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