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  1. Lt Slap a ho

    Where do i put saved game files?

    He means the very first mission. And you have to load the game save when you start the game. If you put it in the right spot, loaded it, and it still doesnt work, the game save might be messed up. In that case you can get a different one. If you have version 2 that might have something to do with it too. Games saved in version 1 only work in version 1. Games saved in version 2 only work in version 2. Hope this helps!
  2. Lt Slap a ho

    Why are we still playing SA

    Very well said. Edit: And 940 Turbo, where did you get a Charger?
  3. Lt Slap a ho

    Most Boring Part of San Andreas

    That would be tight!
  4. Lt Slap a ho

    Car view mod?

    Is there a mod that makes it so you are in first person view while driving? If so, could you please post the link to it in this topic. I would greatly appreciate it!