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    I know how you feel. I witnessed my best friend succumb to that bull****. I'll be a little honest and admit that i've done weed, that's how him and I started. I grew out of that, but he stayed. I tried to help him, his girlfriend tried, even his family tried. But now he does coke and meth and I can't even look at him without wanting to beat him down.
  2. THat was pretty good. But since we know so little about GTAIV there's no telling what the storyline will be, when AND where it'll take place. Have to wait for the trailer man.
  3. Damn. Alright then thanks man.
  4. I only have 1 copy of SA and that's the 2nd edition. Is there a way I can install the game without installing the 2.00 version?
  5. I bought the 2nd edition of SA and wanted to install some new models for the guns such as the 45, Tec9, Ak47, so on and so on. The thing is that everytime I load up the save game, it stops loading midway. So I searched around the net looking for any solutions to this problem. I found the downgrade patch here, i installed it and now it just crashes midway. I am installing the mods right, but it seems that second edition GTA can't be downgraded. Is this true? I want to make sure so I won't keep uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
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