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  2. AaronC

    Sexiest Member Thread

    http://forums.thegtaplace.com/uploads/64-99_newfri1.jpg omg i win
  3. AaronC

    ladies & gentlemen, we have a ripper!

    i know i didnt rip i was just kidding whos tim?
  4. AaronC

    ladies & gentlemen, we have a ripper!

    This topic is 0ld school so did we decide if i ripped it or not? strike me down! please give me your respect
  5. AaronC

    ladies & gentlemen, we have a ripper!

    thank you person. the picture i found on google image search was not watermarked, i live in england how was i meant to get to san fransisco to take a picture myself...how did i know it was copywritten, it was on google and the page was not the one he linked up the top. call me a ripper all you like its a load of bullshit , everyone uses google image search for things....thats like me saying the person above cant use the toy machine logo in his sig. the gta community needs to chill out a bit, its not all about getting people in trouble and Flaming each other. Well this is my last post in ANY gta community as thanks to you finally making me realise most of the people in the GTA Communitys are jumped up 12 year olds with a keyboard. Chris who runs this site is a cool guy and one of the nicest person ive met while i played gta, cam and smallpackage you two are cool aswell (and morpheus) i dont really know anyone else here, but for now c ya'll later.
  6. AaronC

    what happened to jaruff?

    well IMO Jaruff has been an asshole since ive known him, he claimed he was going to tell the "feds" because i apparently hacked GTA Elite which wasnt his, i wont tell you the whole story but hes a jumped up 12 year old using the internet and a keyboard to cover his immaturity. But if anyone likes him thats up to you. Peace.