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Found 4 results

  1. ***We proudly introduce our Xbox Series X|S RP Server, tailored for individuals seeking a family-oriented environment. Embark on your journey as a civilian, perhaps as a distinguished business magnate, a mastermind controlling the realm of crime, or even as a dedicated law enforcement officer who might tread the line between duty and temptation. The vast expanse of possibilities awaits your exploration, enabling you to shape and conquer your own world. Commended by recent appraisals, new entrants to our server seamlessly integrate into a community of kindred spirits, forming bonds that elevate the enjoyment of every interactive session. This solidarity enhances the immersive experience of every scenario! We continually seek to expand our roster, irrespective of the volume of participants already partaking in our HQ and Main Server. Our doors remain open, recognizing that not everyone has yet had the opportunity to join our ranks.*** __Features__ - A discord server that is always active and maintained. - A working, professional CAD/MDT. - Provided Training if needed - An online banking system. - etc. __Departments__ - Civilian Operations - San Andreas Highway Patrol - Los Santos Police Department - Blaine County Sheriff's Office - San Andreas Fire Department - San Andreas Courts - etc. *Should you aspire to become a citizen of San Andreas and inaugurate your fresh chapter, we invite you to follow the link provided below. Our diligent staff stands ready to respond promptly to your inquiries and initiation.* https://discord.gg/H7DbtQUkNs
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6FrzHxg1YU&list=UUZ_oSd5aOcYdxaOF18bFAPQ Hey guys! Just found a brand new RP glitch in GTA 5 Online that you can all use to level up fast so you can now purchase the new gold paint jobs or 6x6 Dubsta! Hope this helps you all out!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6FrzHxg1YU&list=UUZ_oSd5aOcYdxaOF18bFAPQ Hey guys! Just found a brand new RP glitch in GTA 5 Online that you can all use to level up fast so you can now purchase the new gold paint jobs or 6x6 Dubsta! Hope this helps you all out! TELL ME HOW YOU GUYS LIKE IT!
  4. Server IP: Website: http://www.inglewoodrp.com A brief introduction to what Inglewood Roleplay is: You want an epic role-play gaming experience, we know that because you're here. Inglewood RP fuses together fun, high action game play with seamless realism in an absolutely stunning uniquely mapped world for your enjoyment. We bring together a diverse member base RolePlaying together under the same set of rules, in an unbiased, fun, and truly friendly environment. Inglewood RP is a small, yet tight knit community of RP enthusiasts and you're more than welcome to join in the fun! Create an account today, answer the fun and simple quiz, then get to building a character to play as in this high speed rollercoaster of fun! A couple of our features are: Damage System, each weapon does different damage and the amount of damage a weapon does depends on the player's distance. (Less distance, more damage, if you shoot someone from a close distance, your clothes will get stained with blood) Wound System, If you get wounded, you will fall on the ground and blood will be left on the ground as evidence, along with the bullets that were used and to which gun they belonged to. Evidence System: This is left so the LEO's can investigate crime scenes and pick as much evidence as they need. Tagging System: You can tag grafitti's on walls if you are in a family. Basketball System: You can play basketball with your friends at different Basketball courts, you just pick the ball up by pressing "F". Cheque System: You will only receive cheques if you have a legal job, you can cash your cheques at City Hall. Hot Wiring System: You will be able to hotwire a car by detaching the vehicle's wires under the dash, however, vehicles that don't have any alarm systems, don't need to be hotwired. Hunger System: As time goes on, you'll become hungry but you can always fill yourself up by going to Cluckin' Bell, Pizza Stack or Burger Shot. Payphones: You can use the payphones if you don't own a cell phone or want to call someone anonymously. House safes. Public lockers. Free Level Up, there's no need to pay with IC money for something that is OOC like a level, you just need the respect points which you can get by playing. We run double respect and cheques on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. To take illegal jobs, you need to be in a family, having an illegal job means that you won't receive a cheque and will need to RP selling guns / drugs around certain areas. We are looking for: Mature administrators. Great RP'ers. People that are seeking to try something they haven't tried before. Media: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKZeEfYb0gI
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