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***Mad Spoilers***: The Entire Story

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Ok, first off I like to say that this was possibly the best game I have played so far I beat the game on November 1st and here I am on the 12th still finding things to do. About the last mission running out of the building with all that fire pissed me off, the good thing was it auto mission skipped to once you were out of the building once you beat that part. The last part of the mission actually wasnt that hard I played better mission during the actual game.


OH MY GOD was that the worst ending you ever seen. I mean you really didnt kill the cop he killed himself. And they just stand over him. That sucked. The ending was shorter than some of the cutscenes. Anyways theres lots to love about the game cause when I saw the ending I was at 89% gang territory and 58% entire game. Where the other gang territory is I dont know. I figure that the rest of the game is in courier missions and stuff like that. I kinda missed the anonoymous phone calls like in the others.

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