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LVS mod. any help?

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Well, I have no idea about this mod, I've never tried it, but it sounds fun, adding Vice City and Liberty City to San Andreas. Anyway man, when you have downloaded the file, just open the .rar file and you should see the .exe program, it launches automatically, just click away and you should have it installed you know.

Edit: Forgot, you also need your Vice City install CD in your drive to make it work, and install the mod to the San Andreas directory where gta_sa.exe is located, yeah man, you can read how to install it in the readMe file, always good to read them, but I know, I don't read them myself that much either you know.

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ah, might not work then... i dont have vice city so.... anyway i tried opening it and its just a page of crap. im not really that good at the computer stuff - just love gta.

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