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Welcome to the Weapons Database, morally this is just showing you ALL the weapons you would see in LCS. Just for a start, The weapons you see on the left have been JPEG Formatted, which means it won't be too clear.

So now if your stuck on finding the weapons, here is the topic you might want to look at.

NOTE: Updates will be done soon.

Page 1

Weapons Information

4ml0wwh.jpgJust your bare hands you use to hit pedestrians, damage cars etc.

6gk4hs9.jpgBrass knuckles are just use to make a slight of extra damage towards anything in Toni's way.

4vn2amq.jpgJust a ordinary Knife which can be used to kill people quickly, or damage cars much more faster

67st5bp.jpgThe Baseball bat is found at your safehouse and can kill a pedestrian by just a few whacks.

6chrhpd.jpgThe Katana Blade is used to slash your enemies in just one slash.

4u26hpl.jpgThe riot stick can only be found if you kill a officer, a gun will be with the riot stick.

6b0rryq.jpgThe Chainsaw can be found near the Saw mill in Portland, the Chainsaw can kill a pedestrian in just one slash.

66b013d.jpgThe Hockey stick can be found near the Stadium in Staunton Island, it has the same statistics as a baseball bat does.

4yq2o3b.jpgThe Chisel can be found in Staunton Island, and can kill a pedestrian in just 1 hit.

67cyzjp.jpgThe Hatchet is used by the Diablo's as a gang weapon, which can be located around Hepburn Heights.

4pv7r7a.jpgThe Meat Cleaver can be found in Chinatown and also around The Triads.

6au4x86.jpgThe Pistol can be found at the ammunation store in Portland Island.

4mceqs1.jpgThe Python is a powerful Pistol that can kill a pedestrian in one shot.

628hv84.jpgThe Shotgun is found in one of the police cars, or can be brought at the Phils Gun store in Staunton Island.

5xdnkly.jpgThe Stubby Shotgun can be found next to the factory that got blown up, It's a powerful gun that can destroy a car in 2 shots.

4qf4do3.jpgThe Spas Shotgun is a hard gun to find, but it's somewhere around Shorside Vale.

639l6kn.jpgThe Tec9 can be found around Portland Island around St.Mark's area.

4uvldur.jpgThe Mac can be found in Portland Island around St.Mark's area.

5z4o9s7.jpgThe Micro SMG or Uzi can be brought at the Ammunation shop in Portland Island and Staunton Island.

4pwxfyd.jpgThe SMG is a powerful Sub-Machine gun that the FBI and the Army Use.

52npums.jpgThis assault rifle can be found around Sex Club 7, or can be brought at the ammunation store in Staunton Island.

5zdzzhx.jpgThis assault rifle is same as the AK, and can be found in Phil's gun shop.

5zlkkyr.jpgThe sniper Rifle can be brought at the Ammuntion store in Staunton Island.

6gin3ix.jpgThe Laser Sighted Sniper rifle is found around Newport, just next to the hospital

Image limit Reached.

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Page 2

4vn59o0.jpg The flamethrower can be brought at Phil's Gun Shop.

5x755yo.jpgThe Minigun can be bought and Phils Gun Shop, it's a powerful weapon, so be warned.

4vs53bb.jpgThe M60 can be found around the Airport, It on top of one of the Garages.

6610x8n.jpgThe Grenade can be brought at the amunation store in staunton Island.

4t688yq.jpgThe Molotov Cocktail can be found on the second mission when you start the game, just kill the old man and take the Molotov off him.

4qhtgdu.jpgThe Remote Grenade can be activated once thrown and then you press the button activate

Credit goes to Area GTA for posting the Images.

Edited by Tommy Montana
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It's a great guide, some things a little vague but it's good for first-time players. Most of the descriptions are only to see where it's found and not really how strong it is. Some guns aren't even specified like the AK and M4. Also the riot stick is actually called the nightstick. You can also add that the Chisel is actually the fastest melee weapon to blow up cars with (just something I found out).

You might expect a post like this for someone who's member title has Weapon Specialist in it.

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