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Invincible vehicle/vehicle fix tool or hack/mod cop cars


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I play on a cops server, and I'm a bit OCD when it comes to the appearance of my car. I can't stand driving around in a car that's all dented and fucked up, I can't stand it.

The thing is, its a cop car, so I can't fix it at Pay and Spray. Is there any mod that will let me use pay and spray with a cop car? Or is there a hack I can use that lets me fix the car instantly, or maybe keeps it in perfect shape?

People always crash into you, so its a horrible pain in the ass keeping it looking good. Any suggestions?

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GTA Control Center or GTA admin console keeps your car perfect 24/7.

And if you want you could always type in "hesoyam" without the quotes. Gets kinda annoying though.

But it also gets you money and full health & armor.

EDIT: Oh, I just assumed you were on PC version. If you use xbox or ps2 it shouldn't be too hard to find the code replacing "hesoyam" on the internet.

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