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GTA2 Speed Problems

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Kay then, GTA2 runs real fast. A standard problem, you say? No. You see, it's not that i have a dual core processor, cuz i don't. It's not that the frame limiter is off, cos it isn't. I've even cjhecked the box that says 'specuial recognition' or w/e it is.

The problem only occurs when i try to run windows media in the background, i'm yet to try other media players.

It's just the game radio pisses me off so much, I definitley prefer Stadium Arcadium. :D

Anyone else know if:

1) They have had this problem...

2) They know a way to fix it...

3) They know of an alternative media player that won't cause this.

OK, i'm installing the nero MP right now, wil let you all know if that works.

Thanks guys :gappy:


(FYI, it's windows Media Player 11 Series) (The newest one) (Running on XP) (Plus system specs capable of running F.E.A.R at medium settings)

EDIT: Fixed w/ nero media player, plus it's RAM conservative :D

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