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Driving School

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It's a "hook" shot, as you go up the ramp, you steer slightly away & as you clear it you steer back slightly. This one made

me cuss a lot, but I did finally get gold (PS2 & PC). Buy the savehouse across the street & keep practicing. Once you

master that test, get the hang of controlling the "pitch" of your car while in the air.

Besides, think of the bragging rights you'll have over your friends who couldn't do it. And if not, someone downloaded your

save. BTW, are you using V1, V2 or V2 downgraded?

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I'll do it for you. Check back in 1 hour

nevermind. it is already been completed

Is there anyone else who needs Back to School (Driving School) completed?

I will get all-Golds for you.

Post a link to your saved-game here, on this forum.

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