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How to use a weapon when you down load it?


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Start here, it works about the same except any data edits would be in WEAPONS.DAT instead of HANDELING.CFG. You'll

need to use the same tools & change the models in GTA3.IMG.


You should also have a README file w/ your mod. If not, look in other weapon mods. They should all work the same.

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yea just download IMG TOOL and open it. Set your GTA VC Directory and open gta3.Dat. Then a list with all models will come up. Press f2 and give in the name of the model you downlaoded (eg. katana.txd, Katana DFF) then delete the original files and click add and add in the files you downloaded. The weapon stats will be in the Weapons.Dat file. If this file is also in the file you downloaded also replace the original one with it. Hope you make it! :D

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