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  1. Hay guys can you tell me how i can make a mod for GTA SA, i really want to know how to make weapon & vehicle mods. So if you know how to make them plz help me out.
  2. the Best weapons are knife desert eagle M4 mini uzi spray can grenade heat goggles
  3. My Favorit car is the Super GT http://www.g-unleashed.com/files/16_vehicle_banshee.jpg
  4. What bike do you like the most is it: BF-400 Bike Bmx Faggio FCR-900 Freeway Mountain Bike NRG-500 Pizzaboy Quad Sanchez Wayfarer
  5. Hay so whats your favorite radio station in GTA SA Mine are Radie Los Santos (RLS) & User Track Player.
  6. You Pick And Reply your Choice so i can Put Down The results (voeting ends 20/2/08) [You have to pick on from ever slot} Fists & Melee Weapons [slot 1] Fist Brass Knuckles Knife Shovel Nightstick Baseball Bat Golf Club Cane Pool Cue Katana Chainsaw Pistols[slot 2] 9mm Silenced 9mm Desert Eagle SMGs[slot3] Tec-9 Micro MP5 MP5 Shotguns[slot 4] Shotgun Sawn-off shotgun Combat Shotgun Assualt Rifles[slot 5] AK-47 M4 Rifles[slot 6] Rifle Sniper Rifle Heavy Weapons[slot 7] Flamethrower Heat Seeking RPG Minigun Rocket Launcher Projectiles[slot 8] Molotov Cocktails Grenades Satchels Special [slot 9] Flowers Dildo Vibrator Camera Spray Can Fire Extuingisher
  7. Hay so whats the gang you like the most (Bisides Grove St Famiels) The Ballas Varios Los Aztecas Los Santos Vagos Da Nang Boys San Fierro Rifa Triads Mafia The Gang i Like 2nd best is ........ Varios Los Aztecas (Cesers Gang) http://www.gtacentral.com/carpetdweller/im...gs/aztec_02.jpg http://www.g-unleashed.com/files/16_aw_cesar.jpg
  8. Hay so whats the gang you like the most (Bisides Grove St Famiels) The Ballas Varios Los Aztecas Los Santos Vagos Da Nang Boys San Fierro Rifa Triads Mafia The Gang i Like 2nd best is ........ Varios Los Aztecas (Cesers Gang) http://www.g-unleashed.com/files/16_aw_cesar.jpg
  9. Yo Well Mine Are. Peds Attack You With Weapons, Rocket Launcher Smash n' Boom All Cars Have Nitro Cars Float Away When Hit Mega Jump Six Star Wanted Level Spawn Rhino Spawn Bloodring Banger Spawn Rancher Spawn Racecar Spawn Romero Spawn Stretch Spawn Trashmaster Spawn Caddy Blow Up All Cars Invisible car Perfect Handling Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools Health, Armor, $250k What Are Yours?
  10. Yo Homies Are You The Real Deal. If you are wondering what rank am i I'm God Father, lets see if your better than me. Crackhead -6000 - -10000 Bitch-Made -4000 - -5999 Off-Brand -2000 - -3999 Scandalous -500 - -1999 Playa-Hater -1 - -499 Vic 0-19 Square 20-49 Civilian 50-74 Rat 75-99 Snitch 100-119 Transformer 150-199 Punk-Ass Bitch 200-239 Sucka 240-269 Poot-Butt 270-299 Buster 300-339 Mark 340-369 Chump 370-399 Trick 400-449 Red-Headed Stepchild 450-499 Peon 500-549 Pee-Wee 550-599 Prankster 600-609 Fool 610-649 Street Cat 650-699 Thug 700-799 Hustler 800-999 Playa Partner 1000-1049 Mack 1150-1299 Pimp 1300-1499 Crime Partner 1500-1699 Homeboy 1700-1999 Homie 2000-2099 Road Dawg 2100-2299 Hoodsta 2300-2499 Hard-ass 2500-2749 Banger 2750-2999 Lil' G 3000-3499 Loc 3500-3999 Jacker 4000-4999 Shooter 5000-7499 Foot Soldier 7500-9999 Hoo-Rider 10000-19999 Soldier 20000-29999 Hawg 30000-39999 Gangsta 40000-49999 Ghetto Star 50000-59999 Monster 60000-79999 Big Homie 80000-99999 Boss Hawg 100000-149999 Shot Caller 150000-199999 OG 200000-299999 High Roller 300000-399999 Four-Star 400000-499999 General 500000-749999 Godfather 750000-999999 King of San Andreas 1000000+ [/size]
  11. Can you plz tell me what do i do when i down load it from this web site.
  12. I like the Cubans because you can trust them, well i can, and you spend more missions with them. Who do you respect?
  13. Yeh but with tommy he would do any thing to get what he whants would CJ, Tommy also killed Soney some one in his family.
  14. I think tommy has more respect because if any one disrespects him he will go out and kill that person man or women, like in that mission "waste the wife" he dident care if he killed her. And the way he threatens people
  15. Well i downloaded a weapon from this site and know i have it in the GTA Vice City folder what do i do after that?
  16. So guys could you plz tell me how to use the player skin option, if you know how to use it tell me.
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