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The Curse of the Man-Pig (Part 3)

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...Carl walked away towards the streets and saw Eddy's bungalow, but suddenly he saw an arm. Carl ran towards it and lifted the bush, Carl looked at the body, the victim turned out to be...


Carl ran off to tell the 'terrible' news to Kevin, Donald Love was there eating Lee Kanker's corpse, Kevin and the other cul-de-sac dudes were staring hard.

"Hey! Stop eating that pile you dork!" Kevin shouted

"Shutup! I'm eating!" Donald said, he got gore on his suit.

"Whats going on? Why is this weasel eating a corpse?" Carl asked Kevin.

"This weirdo saw the corpse and started eating it, so what did you see now?" Kevin asked.

"I saw May Kanker, she's turned into goo too and the rats are eating it!" Carl said.

"Really?" Nazz asked "The two Kankers are dead?"

"Looks like it!" Kevin said.

Carl, Kevin and Nazz saw May's dead corpse, and then a dark shadow descended upon them, it was the Man-Pig and he was swinging his chainsaw about, Nazz and Kevin ran off leaving Carl to fight the Man-Pig alone, and the Man-Pig was wearing Marie's trousers. How that fat animal fit into those trousers Carl will never know, but then the Man-Pig grabbed a metal pipe and threw it at Carl, knocking him down on the concrete road.

"Piggsy angry!! AAHHHHNNNGGRRYYY!!!" The Man-Pig cried "Piggsy wants to playyy!!"

Carl dodged the Man-Pig and grabbed a small knife in the bushes, he stabbed the monster a few times but failed to make him flinch, but then Carl saw Marie, she was wearing Lee's bloodsoaked trousers and she had nasty cuts on her face, the girl made a run for it, but the Man-Pig saw her.

"Piggsy bored! Going home, to go to bed and SHHLEEEP!!" The Man-Pig cried, but in fact he was going to kill Marie, not go home and sleep, Carl ran over to the Man-Pig and tried to jump on him, but Piggsy turned round and smacked Carl's face, leaving him unconscious.

"Ahh! Go away!" Marie shouted. "And leave Carl alone too."

Piggsy lifted Marie off her feet and threw her on Jonny, who was watching home.

"Piggsy kill bloo! BLOO!" Piggsy squealed, he must have given Marie a nickname. "Piggsy AHNGGGRY WITH BLOO!"

Marie, terrified of what was going to happen, desperately grabbed a hunk that looked like Plank and defended herself from the chainsaw with it, Jonny saw the hunk of wood fell into pieces.

"PLANK!! NOOOO! You killed Plank you silly bitch." Jonny started to cry.

Marie was angry that Jonny was blaming HER for PIGGSY's actions, it wasn't even Plank that fell into pieces, Plank was being held by the dumbfuck named Jonny.

"Piggsy kill Melonhead, MEELLOOONHEAD!!" Piggsy squealed, he killed Jonny and Plank and then Marie ran off to Carl.

"Wake up!" Marie said. "Hurry, Piggsy is going to kill us both!"

Piggsy closed up on them.

"OH NO!!" Marie cried...

And I'll leave the ending to your imaginations, although I might come up with an ending in a few days, so think of how the story ends :P

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