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Online Multiplayer Games

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Well since it seems like GTAIV will have some online multiplayer, what types do you think will return and what kind do you think they should add?

We've already seen ones such as:

  • Liberty City Survivor
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Tanks for the Memories
  • Empire Taken Down

The list goes on, but which ones should stay and which should go? Please post any ideas you have that could be added to GTAIV online multiplayer.

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ideas for online multiplayer modes for 16 players:

gone in 60 seconds- you and up to 15 other players find sum guy that needs like 50 cars stolen for him in one night and you can team up with other players or go solo. like one guy cud be a lookout for cops while the other guy hot wires it. then each of u get paid according to how many and what kinds of cars that you steal personally. if someone dies or gets busted they are respawned back where the cars are being delivered.

cops and robbers - 8 players are robbers and 8 are cops. all players on the same team can see eachother on the map. the robbers spawn outside a bank with 4 getaway cars and better weapons than the cops (machine guns, high powered rifles, rocket launchers ect). the cops are spawned about 3 miles away from the bank (i figure there will be a bank scattered around the city about every 2 sq miles so it shudnt be very obvious as to which one is being robbed). each cop player has their own car with fair weapons(smgs, pistols, shotguns). once the robbers leave the bank, the A.I. cops are alerted and the bank shows up on the cop players maps. also if a gun is fired while robbing the bank, (some ppl in the bank might try to be heroes) the A.I. will be alerted and the bank shows up on the map . the robbers then need to get the money back to their hideout which the cops cant see on their map. the robbers only show up on the cop players maps if they are in their view or the a.i cops view. if a robber is killed, they cant respawn, but cop players can respawn, since the robbers hav a headstart and can split up to confuse the cops as to which robber has the money. whenever a cop player is killed they respawn with their team. the cops win if they capture the money, and the robbers win if the money is returned to their hideout. then the money is split between the survivors. robbers can decide to kill eachother if they get greedy and want more money for themselves. the cops get a 10% reward if they win, but the person who captures the money gets a 25% reward.

also at the beggining of the game before the robbers leave the bank and show up on the map, players on the cop team can use the time to acquire a helicopter/ better weapons/ faster cars ect.

get the breifcase- a breifcase is put in the middle of the city and shows up on everyones map as a dot. nobody can see eachother on the map. players try to retreive it and bring it back to their base. whenever the case is picked up or dropped it can be seen as a dot on the map. nobody knows where eachothers base is, so there cant be any campers. when someone dies they are respawned not far from the case. the winner gets the cash reward that was in the case. police can be turned on or off

rat race - players race to a point on the map. there are no set routes or required vehicles. you can use boats, cars, helicopters, and motorcycles, but you cant use trains, cabs, subways or other kinds of automated transportation. if you die you respawn right where you died. police can be turned on or off.

team rat race - same as rat race but there are two teams and there is only one player on each team that is competing in the race. everyone else is either helping their "rat" or trying to sabotage the other teams "rat". only the players that are the "rats" show up on the map. everytime the rat dies, they respawn where they got killed, but are invincible for 5 seconds. so if the other team ambushes you and then you respawn right in the middle of them, they cant kill you again. everyone else that dies and respawns is still vulnerable to attack. police can be turned on and off.

street race - plain old street races. players can shoot at eachother and try to blow eachother up. if anyone dies or gets busted, they are disqualified. police can be turned on or off.

marked man - same as psp online mode, only with 15 players on 1 (instead of 5 on 1). this cud work one of two ways:

-------the guy has his screename above his head which wud let u know hes the marked man. if thats how it wud be then u shudnt be able to see him on the map, except for like 2 seconds when he respawns, so then u wud know his general location, and then everyone wud swarm that area on the map trying to find him. also he cudnt be able to use cabs, trains, subways, or any other automated form of transportation. everyone else cud use automated transportation and be able to use trip skips. police can be turned on or off.

-------or it cud work the other way around. the guy shows up as a dot on the map but he doesnt hav his screenname above his head, so u wudnt be able to tell who he was in a crowd of people. and he cud use automated transportaion along with everyone else. nobody cud do the trip skip thing tho.

police can be turned on or off.

capture the flag- teams try to capture the oppsitions flag and return it to home base. players on the same team can see eachother. players respawn where the rest of their team is. police can be turned on or off

deathmatch - everyone for themselves. the winner is determined by which one gets the most kills. everyone can see eachother on the map. if you get killed by police it doesnt count and you are respawned back into the action. police can be turned on or off

team deathmatch - 2 teams go at it. the winner is determined by which one gets the most kills. players on the same team can see eachother on the map. if u get killed by the police it doesnt counts and you respawn where youre team is. police can be turned on or off

then theres the online co-op for missions which wud also be pretty cool. there shud also be split screen which u and the other person ur playin with cud also join an online game.

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