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  1. Germay plays alright. I like watching the co-operation between Klose and Podolski, they play perfect together.
  2. Im suprised over Romania's performances so far. I heard they played a draw match againt Italy which is good for them. Italy has played weak matches so far. And Im not suprise if they don't make it to the Quarter Finals. Today Sweden and Spain plays against each other, which can be an extremelly excitning match.
  3. I agree with you Bossman, the Netherland-Italy game is the best so far. Netherland also has a quick passing game as you meantioned, that's how they scored their great goals. I personally liked the second goal the best, it was pure football if you ask me.
  4. I must say that Im suprised that Netherlands beat Italy, the world champions, with 3-0. I would had expected like 1-0, or even 2-0, but not 3-0 at all. I only watched the first-half as all the other games. Todays matches are Greece-Sweden and Spain-Russia. If im gonna bet I'll bet that Sweden wins 2-0, and Spain wins 1-0 over Russia.
  5. I saw first-half of the german game. I've pretty much watched a little of every match so far. Im really looking forward to the France-Romania today. Go France!
  6. I agree with Sky here. It's not as entertaining as it was before when the game was new. Actually Im struggling to finding something left to do in Liberty City.
  7. I can't pickout a favorite mission because I can't what mission I have done. But I remember the mission in Vice City where you got to rob the bank, that was a fun mission.
  8. I just read this on another website. This is bad news for R* and Take-Two since Saint Row 2 get released in July or August. Well...let's hope it can be a christmas present instead.
  9. Nice video, seen it on youtube several times before, it's good.
  10. Use your radar, and the best place would probably be the airport or in a place where you can shake them off by turning arond many different corners.
  11. There is also a mission where you get a . But that's a mission on the third island.
  12. Guess so cragga lfc. Packie can set up bombs for you in your car, so it should help getting the achievement.
  13. Hello. To answer your question, there is about 5-7 bridges if im not wrong, and you have to fly under them 50 times. You can fly under the same bridge all the time if you want to. And the fact about hiting the water, you can get pretty much closer to the water without crashing than you think. It's just a fact about handling the heli nice and easy.
  14. I made this topic so everyone can discuss the European Championship in soccer which starts 7 of June. To make this topic get started I'll ask a question. Who is gonna watch Euro 2008? I know Im gonna watch it, who else?
  15. You mean the police car missions? If so, yes there is others on the second island if im not wrong.
  16. This was one of the hard missions if you ask me. You just need to use the cover system and you will complete it after a while.
  17. Modding cars, and also all the weapons that was in San Andreas. Including the flamethrower, the parachute etc.
  18. Broker. Like in every other GTA game I always like the first island more than the others.
  19. This has been discussed before in another topic. It seem like no one knows where to get them. But I think they will show up sometime.
  20. Hey. I don't know where the van spawns, but you might find it in this topic if you look. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17858
  21. One thing that I've noticed is that when you hit a car in high speed. The driver of the vehicle will exit it normally and then fall onto the ground because of the impact...
  22. It would be cool if this actually was added to the game.
  23. As Ivan here said. There is no way anyone can make a game absolutely perfect. Even though GTA IV is pretty close. There is always someone that don't like it, you just can't change that fact.
  24. I found this map, just googled it. If you want to know all the stunt jumps, here you go: http://faqsmedia.ign.com/faqs/image/articl...p_stuntjump.jpg
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