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GTA Music Videos

Harwood Butcher

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The idea of this topic is to submit a song you want to see used in a music video with the Grand Theft Auto games. Members will submit songs and others that want to try and make the music video can try and make one with the particular songs submitted that week. Every month we'll vote on the best music videos that were submitted. The rules are as follows.

  • You must upload your video to Youtube.
  • You may only submit one(1) song per week.
  • When submitting songs, please post some kind of link where we could hear the full song. (it might be needed for those that don't have the song)
  • There will only be four(4) songs allowed to be used per week.
  • If you're good, you could make a video for all four(4), but you only need to make one.
  • If you need more time, you'll be given an extra week, but you wont be involved in the monthly voting.
  • If you submit a song, you cannot create a GTA music video with that song.
  • The GTA music video may only have the song you're making the video for, NOT altered, but could have audio from the game (not music).
  • You could use clips of the original music videos(if there are any), but only the bits of the artist playing the song.
  • rules might be added later on, but if they're added after I gave the ok to start the videos, they won't be in effect until the following week.


  • If you don't have any of the songs submitted...try to find a means of getting it such as downloading it or recording it from a site buying it.

NOTE: If you have any questions, please ask, I might be forgetting some things.


KoRn - "Thoughtless"

Great Thoughtless Aggression

Please rate these catagories from 1-10, 10 being highest. REMEMBER, do not compare the original music video with the ones made. They do not need to have the same storyline, theme, etc.

Music Video:

  • Storyline
  • Theme
  • Timing
  • Song/video sync
  • Beginning
  • Ending


  • Video quality
  • Sound quality

Ratings may be added in the future.

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Sweet video, rate it 9/10, i think ill make a music video too...

Well thanks for the awesome rating. :thumbsup:

You'll have to wait for someone to submit songs though. Read the whole topic if you hadn't already.

If you want to make a random one and post it here...I don't really care much, but I hope that doesn't ruin the idea of the topic.

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