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how to intsall vc-mp

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I have merged all your VC-MP topics into this one, so the order of posts might look weird.

Make ONE topic about a problem you're having, and then keep posting in that topic for every similar problem. Do NOT make a new topic for every single slightly-different VC-MP question.

Do NOT double post - you can edit your post if you want to add more information, otherwise wait until someone else has replied, you don't need to reply again to make sure someone sees it (bumping).

Do you even have Vice City installed? You need that before you can install VC-MP. Do NOT attempt to download any GTA games off the Internet - that is illegal and you will be removed from this forum if you do.

Formal warning issued for creating loads of useless repetitive topics begging for help, and asking for illegal downloads of GTA games.

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