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  1. I believe there's no reason for anyone to feel uncomfortable in regards to fraternizing with homosexual people in the army, gay people don't bum you in your sleep, rapists do. It's likely to come up in conversation at some point and people should have the right to express themselves.
  2. Need some hype about the next GTA.
  3. Random pose, I was rolling a cig innit
  4. Is it just me or does it seem bare dead on here now?
  5. Some good tutorials on modelling here.
  6. What problem does the Burka cause anyone here?
  7. Everyone should have the right to practise their religion, as long as it doesn't obstruct anyone else, I think the open-faced hijab should be allowed, although fully covering a womans face should be discouraged.
  8. It's not illegal to download from torrents, it's illegal to download redistributed games from torrents. Use some logic, if your game you purchased didn't work or stopped working, wouldn't you want to seek out a replacement you could download? Morally, there's nothing wrong with that and you're not likely to get prosecuted. Oh and what makes you think it's you who decides which topics get locked, I'd say that's up to the moderators, you're in the restricted group, it has been noted that your judgement is really shit.
  9. LOL Please stop. They've probably had SA in their minds from the beginning of that GTA era.
  10. Connor

    Let's make a bet!

    Manchester is a lot more interesting, lots of gun crime, various rough areas, then you have the city, bombings etc. I'd much prefer Vice City and it would be stupid to assume anything other than the pattern.
  11. Connor

    Let's make a bet!

    Anyone ever seen the UK series Life On Mars? That would be a good 70s theme.
  12. they were actiaslly fucimng brill in london
  14. You only came in here to be a patronising dick with him when he was asking a question which you didn't even answer! Next time, get it in the right section, but make sure your game is either version 1 or you've patched it if it was version 2? If you've not patched it yet, use this. That's probably why you're having problems, try that first and if it doesn't work then come back here.
  15. How do you know immigrants won't work?
  16. I laughed at the first bit but yeah when you say "the rest of us" is that meant to mean that no-one born in this country has ever taken benifits? Many people who move to the UK aren't in a brilliant finacial situation, that's why they take benefits until they can find a suitable job. The people born in this country, they take benefits because they're lazy motherfuckers or they actually are genuinely looking for a job, but do any of us know which one it is, then we wouldn't with immigrants either, and that's why we can't go deporting people for that reason.
  17. I think you've been reading too much Daily Mail, only about a 10th of the population are immigrants. As for the whole tax-payers-money-going-to-immigrants thing, that's fabricated too.
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