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    Favourite Song

    What is your favourite song of the moment? Maybe tell us a bit about why you like it or something. Feel free to post again in a few days/weeks when it changes Mine is: When You Were Young - The Killers Trying to persuade my mates to let us play that for the upcoming talent show. Its either that, The Automatic, lostprophets or RHCP. You'll see my playlist reflects that.
  2. EA has made an appeal to Take Two's shareholders, offering them $26 per share to force the merger through without the consent of the company's board. Previously, Take Two's board repeatedly rejected takeover offers from EA, including one for $26 per share, which totals $2 billion USD, a premium over the current value of $15.83 per share which values the company at roughly $1.2b. The company has to issue a recommendation to its shareholders within ten working days. EA's CEO John Riccitiello encourages Shareholders to take advantage of the offer: Take-Two previously commented that the offer undervalued the company and its assets, and it is obvious that the long-awaited much-hyped launch of GTA IV next month is worth a lot to the company. Take Two also said that other parties had approached it regarding a merger, but that it hadn’t entered into any negotiations with other companies about a deal. Our members discussed EA's previous offer with a resounding rejection of the takeover. It was felt that if Take Two was merged into EA, the Rockstar Games studios should remain separate (rather than be directly merged into EA) or turn independent. Voice your thoughts in our forums.
  3. I'm going to rebuild this subforum, so I've restarted this topic and poll with a wider range of choices.
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    SA Modding Guide

    Okay I won't pretend to know everything about modding, but between all of us put together, I think we could pretty much cover it. This topic is going to be a guide to modding GTA San Andreas, and it's going to be built by you. All you have to do is reply to this topic with some useful information, I'll put it in this post if it's right, and delete your post. It's a simple, fast way to build up a big database of information. Please, nothing about other games, no questions, nothing silly/stupid, and don't repeat anything. Everybody could contribute something. Please reply if I've got something wrong too. San Andreas Modding Guide What is a "mod"? A mod is a modification to a game or piece of software. We're talking about San Andreas, but you can get mods for many other games. A typical San Andreas mod could be changing a car, for example changing the Bullet into a McLaren F1, or changing the AT-400 into a Boeing 747. There are many different types of mod, and a wide variety too. Can I mod my game? There are several different versions of San Andreas, including console versions and multiple PC versions: Game Moddable? PC v1: This is the best platform to mod, and the easiest. V1 is the original version of the game, which was hit by the Hot Coffee fiasco. Most shops will not sell this version anymore. PC v2/v3/v4: Version 2 or above do not allow for mods that change the main.scm, script.img, gta3.img, or other .img files. It also doesn't allow for memory hacking or real-time memory address altering, so trainers, car spawners, and MTA/SAMP will not work. However, you can still edit the smaller .dat files and presumably audio. It is recommended that you downgrade your game to Version 1. Playstation 2 & Xbox Modding the PS2/Xbox version of the game is very hard, and not permitted by Rockstar/Sony/Microsoft. In order to do so, you will need a dual-layer DVD burner, a blank dual-layer DVD, DVD/ISO creation software, and a modchip. You must copy the DVD contents to the computer, install the mods like you would on the PC version, make the files into an ISO, and use software to make a bootable dual-layer DVD using the ISO file. You must burn to the DVD, then put it in your console. You must have a modchip or the console will give you a disc read error. We cannot provide support for Playstation/Xbox mods due to copyright/piracy issues Vice City or GTAIII: You cannot use San Andreas mods in these earlier games, but VC and GTAIII have lots of mods of their own. Be careful because the process to install these mods is slightly different, because the filetypes have changed since. How to install a car mod for Vice City GTA1 or GTA2: There are a small number of mods around for these games, but you can't alter classics - you'd take out all the classicness. Half Life 2 or other games: Yes, you can modify most popular games, but most of us don't know how to do it. This is a GTA related forum, you know! This guide will mainly focus on PC mods for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas v1. What are the different types of mods? You can change (MODify) cars, planes, helicopters, bikes, boats, buildings, landscapes, textures, the weather, missions, pedestrians, clothes, characters, speeds, settings, and almost any other aspect of the game you can imagine. You can download trainers that modify what the game is doing as it's doing it, using memory hacks. With trainers, you can spawn any vehicle out of nowhere, repaint cars wherever you are, put cars in garages, teleport yourself around, change your health/armour, pause/changee the time, and modify the weapons. Where can I get some mods? There are loads of mods in our downloads database, and there are more dotted around the internet too. Who makes mods? Mods are made by skilled fans, known as modders. Rockstar (who make GTA games) do not make mods for the game. These modders spend months or years learning their trade and making their mods. They all give away their mods for free, although you can buy lots of generic models from other sites that could be put into any game. Can I make a mod myself? Probably not straightaway, learning to mod can take quite a while, because you have to use several different pieces of software. It isn't impossible, but making good mods can take years of practice and hard work. By all means, if you have plenty of time on your hands, you should learn - it would be great to have some more modders. Just don't think it is as easy as drawing a car in an application, painting it a certain colour, and installing it in the game. For a start, you must be completely aware of how to install mods into San Andreas and, if you're making cars, be able to change some things on your own (like the handling and carcols). The best place to start would be textures (skins) for buildings, as they don't move or have animations. I'm afraid that not many people here are modders, and the few that are don't have the time to sit with everybody and show them how to mod step by step. There are quite a few tutorials around the internet, but the best places to start (in my opinion) is by playing around in Sketchup or 3DS Max - and they aren't free either. Your best bet in almost every situation is to download ready built mods. I'm afraid that modders are often too busy to answer every request for a custom car. Is it dangerous to mod my game? Installing mods does not damage your game, unless you do something wrong. So long as your follow the instructions, and have a basic idea of what it is you're actually doing, you are unlikely to make a mistake. If you do make a mistake, you could either restore a backup (if you made one) or reinstall your game. Reinstalling your game does not get rid of your saved games, they are stored in 'My Documents'. For this reason, it is best to keep a backup of every file you edit or replace. The only file that is usually too big to backup is gta3.img - you should just backup every .dff or .txd inside gta3.img that you alter. Script mods can range from just having all islands open at the start to having all-new missions - they change how the game works and what you do in it, rather than just the look and feel of things. However, if you install a script mod - that is a modification to the main.scm file - you will not be able to use existing savegames, and any savegames you make whilst using that edited .scm can not be used on a different/default installation. The main.scm won't function with savegames from other main.scms because it generates different function IDs, which confuses it - thus the instant crash is usually imminent. Installing Mods There are a number of ways you can install mods. The first is manually (using the dffs and txds), and another is using GGMM (GTA Garage Mod Manager) which is an quicker way to install mods Manually Installing a car into San Andreas PC v1 This is the most common and popular type of modding, for one of the most popular games of all time. The basic steps are as follows: Download and extract the mod, replace the DFF and TXD into gta3.img (If backing up, rename the files you are replacing in gta3.img first, for example, from dumper.dff to dumper_old.dff), replace the lines in handling.cfg, carcols.dat, default.ide, vehicles.ide and carmods.dat (If such replacement files/lines are included in the mod), run the game and test the mod. So... 1. Extract the mod file(s) to a folder... 2. Open GTA3.IMG with IMG Tool 2, and find the file you want to replace. Rename it for backup. 3. Use the Command/Add option and add the file you extracted in Step 1 to gta3.img. If the mod has other files such as handling.cfg, carmods.dat, etc...you can simply add those files, but if have previously modified the files then you will need to only replace the required line or your other mods won't work. Open the files in your San Andreas/data folder with Notepad. Replace the lines. If you want to back up the files, copy the one you want to backup to your desktop, rename the one in the data folder (like handlingold.cfg) and move the one on your desktop back to the data folder) Use the regular one for mods. 4. Remember to backup the .dat, .cfg, and .ide files if they need modded. 5. Copy the lines to the files in the data folder. Using GGMM to install a car mod into SA PC v1 [help needed for this] Other ways to install mods [help needed for this] So, can members please reply with any additions and edits you think should be made, thanks
  5. You may notice a few changes we've made to TGTAP today, mostly thanks to our upgrade to IPB 3.1 and 3.1.1 You can preview a topic from the subforum view by clicking the green icon You can now link your account to Facebook and Twitter. This lets you "like" things, sahre things, import/export images, status updates, and even log-in using just Twitter/Facebook. In the sidebar, you can view recent TGTAP-related updates from Facebook You can now reply directly to people's status updates in the sidebar A lot of behind-the-scenes changes to make our lives easier, and make sure this forum runs better! We're still sorting out a couple of skin tweaks, but please reply if you spot any problems. You may also notice that the 'Members' user group has been split into "New Members" and "Full Members". Only members who have been here some time, and proved that they're not spammers, will become Full Members and have full access to the forum and all its features. To make sure you're in the right group, just log out and log back in again! Full Members can now delete their own posts and topics. This is for if you make a mistake (ie post something twice), it's not for deleting old topics. Staff will be able to see everything you delete, and can make them re-appear if they think they were unfairly deleted. This is a trust thing, so don't abuse it
  6. Gerard

    "Holiday Gift Downloaded"

    The holiday bonuses are only for GTA Online, unfortunately they don't affect Story Mode. Full details are here.
  7. Gerard

    How to install a car mod

    Here is the definitive guide to installing a vehicle into Vice City. A few things to remember: 1) ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST 2) You are replacing an existing car, not adding a new one. So choose which car you want to get rid of. Bear in mind that your car will appear wherever the car you replace appears. 3) If your mod is set up to replace one particular car (eg the files are called infernus.txd etc) then you can change it to replace a different mod. The VCMM will allow you to do this when you install, but if you do it manually you will have to rename the .txd and .dff to the exact filename you want to replace (eg blistac) and then when you edit the handling.cfg files etc, change the name and/or ID of the car. This is a dangerous process 4) Sirens (flashing blue lights on emergency vehicles) cannot be switched from car to car, so you can't have more than already exist (police car, ambulance, fire truck, fbi washington, fbi rancher). Replacing these cars will give you a siren. 5) Car's files have the cars internal name in them. Inside all the configuration files and the archives, the Blista Compact is called 'blistac', the Police squad car is called 'police', the FBI washington is called 'fbicar' and so on. Most of the names are understandable. DO NOT rename any of these files to more befitting names, the game will look for the 'blistac' car not the 'dodge' car. This will only muck up your game. If you want to rename a car so it shows a different name ingame, i'll show you how to do that later on. 6) Vice City mods will NOT work with San Andreas. SA mods are made differently, and often require different installation techniques. 7) Only the PC version of Vice City is moddable, it is too long and expensive a process to attempt to install a mod on the XBox or PS2 versions. It basically involves you replacing the files on the disk with the new ones, and burning them to a new disk, then modifying your PS2 to be able to play recordable disks. For the same amount of time, money and effort you could upgrade your PC and buy the PC version and mod that easily. Just get the PC version. 8) ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST VCM Installation The Vice City Mod Manager (vcmm) is an application that can help you to install specially prepared mods into Vice City. Its basically a lot of extra work by the modder to make it easier for you to install. To install a VCM mod you firstly need to download and install the Vice City Mod manager (from thegtaplace's downloads section), and you need to download the VCM version of the mod/vehicle you wish to install - the normal dff/txd version will not work. Follow the steps below to install a vcm mod. Place the .vcm file in the [C:\Program Files\vcmm\mods\vcm] folder Run the Vice City Mod Manager Select the mod you wish to install (it will automatically detect it) Choose the car you wish to replace with your mod It will replace the shape, size, colours, handling and name of the vehicle Before you install any VCM vehicle mods you MUST install "DMagic1's wheel mod". Without this installed, your game will crash after you've installed the mod. When you download DM1's mod, you follow the above process, the same as you would to install a vehicle, except you dont choose a vehicle to replace. If it comes up with an error when you try to install it, notably ones that say 'IMG' or 'dir' on them, there is an extra thing you have to do before you can install it. Note this is for Microsoft Windows: 1) Browse into your Vice City directory [C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City] then go into the \models\ folder. 2) Right click on gta3.img and click properties 3) Untick 'read only' if it is ticked, and click ok 4) Right click on gta3.dir and click properties 5) Untick 'read only' if it is ticked, and click ok Manual Installation To install a mod manually takes a bit more effort, and a few more things can go wrong. Most mods are available in this format. Please note it is NOT just a case of putting the DFF and TXD file into the Vice City folder, you need to put the files into a special archive. You need to download IMG Tool to install all vehicle mods, and download the normal version of the mod. VCM installations won't work like this. 1) As described above in the VCM section, you need to make sure gta3.img and gta3.dir are not read-only, or you wont be able to do anything to them 2) if you can, copy gta3.img and gta3.dir into a backup folder, just in case you make a mistake 3) With IMG tool, open up gta3.img in the \models\ folder in your Vice City directory. 4) Find the DFF and TXD files in the IMG tool with the same names that you see in the mod you downloaded. Do not look for any COL files or any other files, DFF and TXD only - there will be one of each with the cars internal name (eg blistac, admiral, police, fbicar) 5) Make a backup of those files. Export them to a backup folder somewhere. 6) Replace the selected files in the IMG with the ones in the mod you downloaded (if replace doesnt work, delete them and import the new ones) Be warned that you cannot replace them if you delete the wrong ones, so make a backup first. Editing the associated handling.cfg, carcols.cfg and default.dat files will be explained later. Collision File Editing If you find that when you install a mod, it only changes what the car looks like, but its still left with the invisible shape, size and shadow of the old car, it means that you have replaced a big car with a small car, or vice versa, and not changed the collision file for it. This can happen, for example, if you replace the coach with a small car through manual installation. This will give you what looks like a small car, but it will be slow and sluggish and appear to bash into things that are quite a distance away from it. This can also happen if the author put the wrong collision file into the .vcm file. The best thing to do is to look for a replacement collision file, either by looking on the modder's website for the latest version, or checking if theres one in the download. If you find a replacement mod, install it. If you find a replacement collision file, follow the steps below but replace the collision for the car with the one you downloaded, instead of extracting a similar one from a similar car: Download, install and run colmanager (collison manager) downloadable from codenameGTA HERE With that, open up the vehicles.col file in your vice city directory in \models\coll\ - but make sure the vehicles.col file is not read only first (right click on it, properties, untick it, ok) If you click on the vehicle you replaced with the downloaded car (eg blistac) you will see the big coach. Thats the physical layout of the vehicle you're driving. You ideally want one that fits it better, so have a look at the others and choose one thats a similar size/shape. For example it may look a similar size to the Admiral, and the pony might be too big. Export the chosen model, (eg admiral) to your desktop. Then go to the original one with the coach model (eg blistac) and replace that model with the one you exported to your desktop. Either replace or delete it then import the new one and rename it to the model name (eg blistac). That will replace the bad model with the model that should fit your car better. Try it out, and if it doesnt quite fit, you could always try to do it with another replacement model. Just don't get confused about the model named 'coach', that is the model for the 'coach' vehicle. Also don't rename it to something like 'bmw', that isn't how it works - the game looks for the model called blistac to put where the Blista Compact car is. These collision files are not the visible model, but the physical model, so it won't affect the look of the car, just the invisible shape and its shadow.
  8. Gerard

    Windows 8

    I used Start8 which adds a fully-functional Win7 start menu to Win8. Absolute necessity, and makes it bearable, but I really don't think that's the point. A tiny proportion of people will bother (or be able) to install those fixes, and the rest of the world (including pretty much ALL businesses) have to do without, using the default install. If that's no good, then the OS is going to be horrible for them all to use, and it should be better than it is. Metro is good, but the fact remains that the Win8 UI is inadequate. Without touch, it's hopeless, and whilst Start8 goes a long way to fixing that, it's still wrong. I use a Windows Phone, which is awesome (apart from the lack of apps). Metro works well on WP8, on a touch device, although it's still not perfect. The individual elements of the UI are great, but the selection and application of them is not. Metro is a great touch interface - but the choice of a touch interface for both touch and non-touch computers, with no adequate consideration given to keyboard/mouse users, is a fatal flaw.
  9. Gerard

    Windows 8

    You're not far wrong. The main problem is "design by committee". And I don't mean ten Microsoft guys in a room, I mean the ideas and designs being passed back-and-forth between loads of different hardware and software companies. It's just a mish-mash of needs and wants, and the quality and purpose gets lost in the jargon and marketing-speak like "Feature PCs" (things like powerful tablets). It's all driven by statistics. It's fine getting loads of numbers, but you need to know which numbers to pay attention to. They probably saw that 80% of people now use touchscreen phones with no physical keyboards, so that MUST obviously mean that 80% of people would buy a touchscreen-only PC, even when that isn't what works best for desktop apps or productive working. I would ALWAYS choose to use my computer over a tablet/phone to type something up, use a complex program or to be able to multi-task, that was the main benefit of having a PC, but they forgot that over the buzz of shiny simple touch-friendly apps. And as for the fact that half of it's missing and there's a very inconsistent half-metro half-desktop UI, well that's just down to the project planning and design forcing a release as soon as apps work and it's secure enough, rather than working hard to make a properly good interface. I am most definitely NOT a fanboy, but I really can't imagine Apple releasing anything as bad as Win8. Except maps.
  10. Gerard

    Windows 8

    Duplicate registry entries don't cause problems these days. Applications aren't fighting over 128k of RAM anymore, most Win8 machines will have 4GB, so a few registry entries won't cause a problem. Even defragmenting a hard drive isn't a massive issue these days - the technology is fast enough for most situations. For some reason, people still PAY for programs like that, completely unnecessarily. The number 1 best thing you can do to speed up ANY PC is to change the startup entries. A store-bought PC will come with dozens of crapware programs, hardware GUIs and browser toolbars installed. Even normal programs like iTunes slow you down, not just at boot but the entire time it's running (which is all the time). The avatar with your username only has a "Log Off" link, not shutdown (a stupid omission by MSFT). That would be the logical place, but it's not there. You have to open the Settings Charm bar on the right. Using a keyboard, that's 7 keystrokes iirc. A power key is fine on tablets or laptops, but not great on desktops (having to reach under the desk, particularly for less-flexible people) and completely wrong for VMs or remote desktops. Don't forget that Windows Server 2012 has the same UI. What was so wrong with Start > Shutdown?
  11. Gerard

    Confusing terms FYI Thread

    These are things there aren't strictly right/wrong answers to - they vary over time or location - we just judge them against current conventions. Optical storage is not the only type of digital storage - you're completely missing out all the magnetic and semiconductor media. For me, disk is a general term of storage media (hard disk, vinyl disk, USB disk, please insert a disk), whilst disc is a name used in the names of optical media (CD/DVD). A Disc is a type of disk. For DVD, versatile has always been its real name, never video. It was a compromise between the SD and MMCD formats, always designed to have different formats and types (just like CD). Saying "Digital Video Disc" is just wrong. I often wonder what a PC would be like to use for someone who had never used it before, and didn't know our conventions and the things we take for granted. Would they have any clue what Excel and PowerPoint were for? Would they figure out the start menu? Would they prefer Windows or Mac? Could they use a mouse? Would they figure out keyboard shortcuts? Could they find their way around the internet without knowing where to start or what a search engine did? If anyone has a spare English-speaking feral person who's never interacted with a computer, send them to TGTAP HQ so we can test this theory.
  12. Gerard

    TGTAP's 10th Anniversary

    Ten awesome years! What an achievement! Now all we need are the old and new GTA fans to come together to keep this place great!
  13. Gerard

    Windows 8

    Yeah safe mode is a bitch on win8 if you can't boot the system. You have to use bcdedit to make a second boot option that has safe mode enabled. That could be a really big issue along the line. That's not true, that's only one way to shut down. If you go to the charms bar (on the right), click settings, power options are at the bottom. It's still 3/4 mouse clicks and about 7 on the keyboard but it's there. Best thing to do is create a shutdown shortcut and pin that to the start screen. Still a huge hassle though. The reason behind this is that Windows 8 is designed to be put on standby and resumed - generally using the hardware power button on tablets or laptops (or by opening/closing the lid) - rather than shutdown or rebooted often. But for those that do need to shutdown, or those running in VMs or remotely, it's a pain. Things like that make it - to me - a bad OS. Sure, it's great for tablets and on touchscreen laptops, and sure it's got a lot of improvements in things like startup time etc, but it's awful for most people and for power users to use. I'm not sure that's really the case. With XP Mode (which is touted as a 'feature' of Windows 7), 16-bit applications can still run. Just not natively. In a big company there are many options to remedy this, such as App-V, and it's not an issue that most users or admins would ever face.
  14. Gerard

    Windows 8

    Another problem I have is with all apps being full-screen. I live my life with many windows open, CONSTANTLY switching between them. I'm watching for notifications and popups, messages being received, downloads completing, I'm managing dragging files between windows and into programs. None of that works well on an iPad, so WHY are Microsoft trying to emulate them with Win8? Yes, I know you can pin things to the side, but that's nowhere near the same flexibility as you have now. When I worked for Microsoft and did their Win7 training, everyone I showed the snap feature to thought it was wonderful. A simple, intuitive feature that makes life SO much easier. Why wasn't Win8 just millions more features like that? Then a separate Surface OS could be built - from scratch - on the WP7/WP8 codebase with an entirely touch-friendly UI, only working with touch-friendly apps. That would be an attractive option, but the real Windows would also still be an option. Win win. Not this gamble we have now. Hmm... when you do a fresh re-install (without formatting the disk), it moves the old OS into a /Windows_old/ folder. You can then just pick what you need out of it, then delete it. If you don't have enough space to do that even temporarily, then copy what you need off it and format it. Win8, to me, feels like a demo of a new technology, like the old Microsoft Surface table computers. With the old desktop and control panels still there (even in RT), Windows 9 will no doubt feel a lot more polished. But it's going to be hard for them to go backwards at all, to make it more like Win7 (where certain things in Win8 don't work), so they're only going to go further and further 'forward' to make it MORE tablety, which is scary. It's actually quite sad that we won't see the start menu again - that's never going to be perfected. That's not true at all - Win8 has a lot more (deep down) than just a touch upgrade. Have you seen it boot up? I'm not going to pretend that everything has changed That sounds like an advert.... you don't work for them do you...? With Windows 7+8, the upgrade disk is identical to the install disk. This is because you can't upgrade directly from XP, you have to do a fresh install. So yes, you can do a fresh install with the upgrade disk. Only the licence is different, so as long as you have legit XP or Vista that's fine. That works great for tablets. Not so great for desktops, forcing users to bend under a table to hit the power button. And it doesn't work at all for virtualised or remote desktop environments. I've mostly used Win8 in a VM, hence wanting the soft shutdown from the UI. But it's not just shutdown, it's also the reboot and log off functions. Don't forget Windows Server 2012 is the same UI as Win8, and if you're in the same city as the power button then you're doing it wrong! I have no idea why Microsoft thought that a tablet interface is the best option for server management, but I guess they just want you to be able to use it on the same devices as you currently do.
  15. Gerard

    Windows 8

    For once, Huck is absolutely right! Windows 8 is made for touchscreens and tablets. That's how it works best, and on those it really is great (once you've figured out the swipes and charms). But for keyboards and mice, it's hopeless. Yes, there are a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to open up the various menus, but you still have to use silly mouse gestures, and that should NOT be how an operating system works. The other problem is that SO much of the OS is still in the old-style desktop and old-style control panel. Different settings (even for the same thing, like networking) are spread out across two or three different places. This is hugely confusing for users and totally off-putting for IT pros. Not to mention how hard it is just to shut down! What was wrong with the start menu? Sure it could have done with a refresh, maybe even a full-screen version, maybe even with live tiles, but the new metro Start screen is useless in comparison. With the start menu, in about half a second I could open up any program, utility or control panel applet, or shut-down, or . Now it's a bunch of faffing around. Even once you have the "hang" of it and use shortcuts, it's still a couple of seconds, and nowhere as intuitive or pleasant to use. I get the feeling that Windows 8 was designed as a completely separate OS for tablets, but some genius decided to completely replace the tried-and-test Windows 7 system (with start menus etc), and call this tablet OS "Windows 8" in order to drive sales and adoption. Millions of companies will be effectively forced to upgrade to Win8 to benefit from the latest updates and software etc. I can see why they wouldn't want to make two competing ecosystems, but Windows RT will a great tablet product (when they fix bits of it, like the settings), and it should have stayed as a tablet OS. So yeah, not a huge fan.
  16. Below is a table of all modding related tutorials for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas here on The GTA Place: Tutorial Type/Category Author SA Modding Guide Installing Mods Gerard YeTi's SA Coding Tutorial Part 1 & Part 2 Mission Coding YeTi San Andreas Texturing Texturing chris82 How to make cars Modeling !!saving ryans privates!! Making SA Version 2.0 fully moddable Version 2.0 Jared V2 Downgrader Version 2.0 Chris82 Mission Scripting Mission Coding JAB HacksouL I shuffled the table around a bit - fits onto the page a bit better and has a couple of extra lines. Don't forget to suggest if you see anything else that could/should go in here.
  17. Gerard

    Forum activity?

    Double post. So ban me. I think you hit the nail on the head really. Most people aren't willing to contribute huge walls of text or even get involved in big discussions. These days, the limit of most online users' involvement is a comment, or even just a Like. Thats all people need to do now to feel that they got their point across and have engaged, and this means they can now engage on anything anywhere, not just spending their life in on community about one topic. Although, there are exceptions. My wiki has a lesser-known companion called GTA Answers. Here, people ask questions and (occasionally) others answer them. We have done ZERO promotion of this website, ever, and yet there have been 50,000 questions asked on there. It's not that much different to a forum, except that it's quick and easy and there's no real community around it at all, yet it's weirdly popular.
  18. Gerard

    Forum activity?

    Interesting question. I've had a look through the stats: There have been odd days when we've had over 1,000 posts, in our heyday it was about 100-300 a day. In July 2007 we had 15,000 posts in one week! The number of users registered isn't a good indicator, because that will include spammers and those that never post. To make that point, some of the highest numbers of registrations we've ever had have been in the past few weeks. And the most members ever online in one day was 231 - but there are 59 on right now! So yeah, it seems that only a couple of hundred users (at most) did the bulk of the posting here, but of course they couldn't have done that without the tens of thousands of less-frequent members that popped in occasionally or just a few times. Their questions, answers and discussions kept this forum going for the rest of us.
  19. Gerard

    Forum activity?

    So has anyone figured out a plan yet? What can we do to increase activity or bring the community back together? It's pretty clear a lot of us would like that. If we turned this into a poll (obviously just out of interest, not a final decision), what would the options be? Try super hard to make this site better and more interesting Send out a mass email to every single member ever, asking them to come back Reorganise the forum (in what way?) to make it appeal to new members Bring back gangs and multiplayer gaming (even though it fell apart every time) Do something completely new (like we did with San Andreas Stats) Start afresh with a completely new forum (here) Team up with Grand Theft Wiki or other related sites to make a new forum with a new focus ???
  20. Gerard

    Forum activity?

    Good to see some old faces here! Some of you guys are probably double the age you were when you joined here Thinking back, the forum died when the gang system reinvention failed. A succession of staff and other members trying different ideas and dawdling, without any real changes being made, scared away the old users and promises of a new system failed to draw in the new users. I think the nail in the coffin was when the old gangs (Dragon Stealths, LCM etc) and their forums were closed down to try and bring the activity into the main forums. This community has been awesome over the years, but I don't think it's realistic to think it can just reappear here, whilst equally serving new members in this very different era. What was right for the staff and elites back in 2005 may not be right for the new Internet communities now. Will GTA V really bring everyone together, here? idk We're all friends here, so I'll mention that we have plans to launch a forum for Grand Theft Wiki. The idea being that a new forum with a slightly different focus (working together to gather+discuss GTA info) is more relevant to the Internet these days, and it can build on the remaining community here. What do you guys think of that idea?
  21. Gerard

    How to delete a post?

    You can only do it for a few minutes after a post has been made - down in the bottom-right next to the 'quote' button. If it's the first post in a topic, or if it's been more than a few minutes, just ask staff to do it or hit 'report'
  22. Gerard

    Award Suggestion

    The awards are for people involved in the community. Anyone could easily just download everything on the forums without ever interacting with anyone in the community. That doesn't seem like something we want to encourage - unlike activeness/helpfulness etc.
  23. Gerard

    How do I use Vice City Multiplayer?

    You need to find someone who is running a VCMP multiplayer server. Someone needs to actually be running that for you to connect to it. EIther find a friend to run it, run it yourself (and have your friends connect to you), or just browse the Internet trying to find someone else who's still running a VCMP server.