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Okay, I found something odd


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Hi guys,

Well, I haven't seen as much activity grow on this part of the forum, but it would be great if you guys could help me out with this problem that has occurred on my game. I'm not sure whether this is a Glitch or a Bug, but whenever I watch Phil Collins concert (After I complete Reni's last mission; "In the air tonight"), and the camera's changes to another position (Which is near towards the backstage) I see myself there. That's not really a bug or a glitch, but here's what the deal. I can move about, except I can't move out of the place were I'm standing, which is a problem, I then click the left directional button and the right directional buttons and I can scroll through all of my weapons.

But here's the weird problems that occurs to me, I can shoot all of the crew that are on stage preforming with Phil Collins. I never pressed the 'X' button because it would end the concert afterwards, but I pressed the 'R' button on my PSP and then once it gets back to where the camera was facing the right side of the backstage, I can see myself, aiming my M4 at one of the crew preforming on the stage. I of course shoot and I killed one of the crew members, so then I kill the rest of the crew for fun. But the most weird part was that I couldn't kill Phil which was confusing me. So I thought about it and I realized that he was a cutscene character which meant that he was part of the full cutscene and couldn't get himself killed and the crew are part of the game which means they're pedestrians. But here's what makes it fully weird, I can aim at him, but he doesn't die since he's a cutscene character, but you could still aim and shoot at him even if he doesn't die. That is what I experienced today when playing Vice City Stories today on my PSP.

So have any of you experienced this problem at the concert? Because pressing the 'R' button and aiming at Phil or the crew is rather "Loose". I'm not sure whether this affects PS2 users, but if you can, try it out. If it doesn't then I think it only affects PSP users. Thanks.

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Yeah, I has this happened to me once before. But I didn't shoot them. I threw a cocktail at them and watch them burned to death. Everyone died, for Some reason Phill disappeared so I could see him but I could still here the singing and the camera was following where Phill would be still walking

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