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No further exclusive GTA IV content for Xbox 360


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Just news:

"Speculation has flooded the Internet recently about the possibility of Rockstar Games releasing even more exclusive episodic content for the Xbox 360. This was seen by many as a definite killer for the PlayStation 3 version, but it is now clear that Rockstar Games plans to not go further than their two pieces of exclusive episodic content for Microsoft’s console.

Conjecture started when executives from the Take-Two conference call added that GTA IV would feature new episodic content in 2009. Ending the confusion, Rockstar has come out to disclaim the rumors by saying that they do not attend to release further episodic content beyond their already two confirmed pieces for the 360.

While this news may come as closure, it paints a clear image that Sony needs to be very aggressive this generation as succeeding on name alone is not enough to suffice consumers this time around. It is reported that Microsoft paid USD 50 million to ensure that they get the downloadable content exclusively for the Xbox 360.

In the end, hopefully this will not allow for the PS3 version to suffer in sales over its 360 counterpart. While graphics ran the industry in the 90s, today it is more so about what console has the more exclusive content. Hopefully Sony in the future will not allow such avenues to be explored by competitors."

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