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GTAIV Christmas Pre-order Bonus

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Rockstar Games has a special treat for fans who preorder Grand Theft Auto IV this Christmas. If you're lucky enough to live in Belgium, Luxembourg or the Netherlands and preorder the game soon, you'll get a special package with some nice treats inside.

The "IV Christmas Pre Order Pack" includes a DVD with all three currently released game trailers, a GTA IV branded gift card and a set of postcards which presumably include game artwork.

Source: InsideGamer: Special GTA IV pre-order pack for Benelux

Source: GTAGaming

I don't see why no one else that pre-orderd it could get this bonus. What's so special about Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands??? :'(

Not too sure if this was posted here anywhere, but if so...just delete this topic.

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thats just bollucks i tell ya!

if rockstar were to sell preorde packages it wouldnt be in those tree countries. theres just no way that, that sort of stuff only would be sold there

so ill have to say that this only is a rumor for now

Rockstar games come next week with a special action exlusief for the benelux. This action comes in the form of a limited oplage of an orderorder order parcel for Grand Theft car IV. Below packshot of how you the orderorder order finds parcel in the shop. Moreover there are also PlayStation 3 version of the orderorder order parcel.


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