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  1. LOL no it isn't. Sony makes the PS3, not Microsoft. Your logic is flawed, sir. Actually, in this case you logic is flawed I think he meant that it's good for Playstation users as they probably also are going to get the DLC.
  2. I'd recommend looking at the thread already made about this. It's somewhere in the same section.
  3. May he rest in peace forever and be remembered as one of the best singer/songwrites in the history of mankind.
  4. You checked the downloads section here? There's a bunch of different trainers and tools for GTA IV. I don't know how and if the work because I don't play it on my PC, but you could try them out. Trainers Tools Have fun and enjoy
  5. have you checked this? Clicky im not into moding so im just guessing
  6. not a bug. it's simply because the truck is supposed to transport money, so when you blow it up you get a few k
  7. there's no "requirement" and it all depens on where the server you are playing on i located. you should be able to play it, but you cannot avoid being laggy from time to time
  8. well some dude keeps doing that, and i just thought this was the same one. obviusly not forgive me Husky
  9. for some reason he keeps quoting his own words in the same thread :S. atleast i think it's the same guy
  10. think you are talking about the "Gruppe 6" truck, am i right? you can blow it up and a few bunch of Dollars will apear.
  11. When he said everyone, I'm pretty sure he just meant a lot of people so relax. Anyway, I would like to see something different from what we have experienced in GTA, maybe in some eastern country like Serbia,etc... WOW wow wow! once again comunicating with words has changed the original meaning. i meant that in a fun way. it's from the latest Austin Powers movie.
  12. im from Denmark and i chose England, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it! it would be amazing to see London portaied in GTA...
  13. so you were just cocking up this thread so you could post you own and steal the thread also? what a douche
  14. i think that this is already being done, or atleast discussed by moders
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