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Kitsune Inferno


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Just another Friday afternoon. Just two relatively normal teenagers with nothing to do. Alen Byrd, an amatur skater and slacker at heart, and Kai Sasaki, a formidable martial artist with some serious anger issues, lounge on the latter's couch and flip through channels out of boredom.

"Man, why is there nothing good on Fridays?" questioned Alen.

"Because Fridays are usually reserved for some of the stupidest shows imaginable," answered Kai. "Damn networks still think people are out doing stuff on Fridays instead of staying home and watching TV. So it's nothing but crappy cartoons and repetitive reality shows until tomorrow night."

"We gotta figure out something to before we lose our friggin' minds!"

"True. What do you have in mind?"

"All-night Halo session?"

"Nah. Use you as my training dummy?"

"Nah. Panty-raid your sister's room?" As soon as Alen finished that sentence, Kai gave him one of the meanest looks imaginable, warning Alen of his impending rage if he continued. Alen noticed, put his hands up, and said, "Alright, alright..." Kai sighed out of relief, but it was too soon. "Panty-raid it is!" Alen defiantly exclaimed.

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