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Angry Gorilla

Angry Gorilla

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I thought up this stupid story while I was bored to death, so I decided to share it here, oh well lets begin already.

It is a dull stormy night and brothers Luke and Jan Valentine are hiding in the treehouse in Peach Creek, Jan looks anxiously out of window, staring inside the bedroom of next door's house.

"So tell me Jan, why exactly are we hiding inside this godforsaken treehouse while you stare inside a bedroom for almost 3 hours now?" Luke asked.

"Shut up brother I wanna see if Angry Gorilla is hiding inside, when I catch him I'm gonna sell him for a million bucks." Jan said eagerly.

"Jan, your fantasies are getting weirder, just two weeks ago you were hoping to catch Bigfoot inside that horrible trailer park, remember what happened when those three ugly girls caught us?" Luke said.

"Man that was a mindfuck!" Jan said, remembing a very unpleasant memory of that time.

"Yes, and now they are chasing us instead of those three boys." Luke said.

Suddenly they both heared gorilla noises, Jan spotted Angry Gorilla beating up the Eds inside the bedroom, Jan decided to jump out of the window, but fell on his face, Luke climbed down the ladder and saw that Jan has fallen onto a pile of broken glass.

"You stupid idiot, why do you always screw things up at every mission Jan?" Luke said impatiently, he helped Jan back to his feet and they both climbed the fence and into next doors garden, then they unlocked the door and walked upstairs, waiting outside the door, "Now onto three, we catch Angry Gorilla and tie him and throw him into the back of the truck." Luke said.

"Okay then bro." Jan said, he grabbed a transquilliser gun and kicked the door open, but to Luke's horror, they crashed into the wrong bedroom.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Cried Nazz, she was dressing when the two brothers barged in, Jan couldn't keep his eyes off her.

"Jan, do you have no shame!" Luke scolded at Jan, the idiot turned his eyes off Nazz and onto Luke.

"What!?" Jan said in surprise, Luke but his hands together and onto his face, he was in despair, but then a mighty gorilla pushed the both of them onto Nazz's bed.

"You made Angry Gorilla Angryy! If I ever catch you fools acting crazy again I'm gonna introduce you to my friend painnnn!!! I'm gonna rip your ass open and put explosives inside fool, then I'm gonna dig a hole in the glass pile with your faces!" Angry Gorilla shouted, he was banging his fists against his chest, like most gorillas do.

"Maybe later!" Luke sneered, "Jan, shoot a dart up his ass."

"Okay bro!" Jan said, he aimed for the gorilla's backside and shot a dart inside it.

"OOOOOOOO!!" The gorilla grunted loudly, before falling on the floor, the two brothers picked him up and stuffed the gorilla inside their truck, but just as they were about to drive off the Kanker sisters arrived.

"Look girls, our new boyfriends are here, lets kiss them." Lee said to the two other girls, then the Kankers pulled out tricycles and started to chase the two brother's truck, unfortuately it was a crappy truck with poor gas mileage, the two brothers tried to make it go faster, but then Angry Gorilla woke up and grabbed the two.

"Now you two fools are gonna payyy!!" Angry Gorilla roared, then he pummeled them onto the road, with their hands and legs tied together and the Kankers attacked the unfortunate brothers.

"Get off me bitches, yarrrghhh!" Jan cried, then the two brothers cried for help while Angry Gorilla was watching the show with some popcorn and a soda.


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