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CJ's clothes


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my problem is that I tried to edit a bitmap from a shirt, i wrote some numbers on it and, when i start the game and tried to wear that shirt , the games crushed....HELP......and sry 4 my english..... :unsure::blush:

This is a common problem when trying your hand at editing textures... What's happening is that you are probably not preserving/including the transparency info that's contained in the alpha channel of the bitmap. If you look at the properties of the original .txd, you'll see that some textures have an alpha channel and some don't. If it does, you need to include it in your changes. To do that, you need a paint program that can handle alpha channels - Microsoft's Paint program probably won't work in this case (I wouldn't know cuz I don't bother with it!).

To learn more, Google anything you don't understand. It would take a lot more to explain it fully... Try also going to Gtaforums.com and reading some of their tutorials and forums on textures.

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