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  1. It's not possible to add any graphics to the Hermes or Hustler because the body of the car is not set up to accept skinning. If you look in the .txd files for those cars you will not see any skin type of texture in there. Those vehicles that can be skinned will have a texture starting with the name 'remap'. Other vehicles that can be somewhat modded will simply have some other type of texture that goes on part of the body. Ones like the Securicar, Raindance and Mule come to mind. This isn't a Transfender type of skinning though. You can't just pull in and swap them with other paint jobs. As I said before, the only way to get these kinds of vehicles to accept paint jobs is to modify them in a 3d editor like Zmodeler or 3DS-Max. You're much better off to simply find a mod that looks like the original and has the extra features built in. In the case of the Hustler, I found a 34 Ford hotrod (By Mr. G) that looks very close and even has the flame paint job on it. You can even pull in for a re-paint and it will change the flame color in a matching tint too. Don't ask me for the link to it though as this was quite awhile ago - it's out there somewhere though! Good luck!
  2. Get ahold of a program called 'Ped Editor' for GTA-SA. Go through the list of peds there to find the names of the strippers. I'm recommending this method as I can't tell you their names offhand.
  3. To answer your questions in order: - No. There is no way to edit the Hermes & Hustler in the Lowrider garage. The only way to do it would take a lot of work and would involve editing in a 3d program and modifying game data files. This is how you would be able to get a flame paint job, etc. - by adding them yourself. My advice is to look for a mod that most closely resembles what you want for each one. - Again no. The only mods that can be applied to these vehicles are already available in Transfender. Any attempt to change the list of mods would cause a crash! This is because the vehicle models are not set up to accept any other mods. For example, if you wanted to add a spoiler, the model would have to have as part of its hierarchy a special object called a dummy object. It's basically a place-holder that tells the game where on the model to place the mod part. And again, it would take editing in a 3d program to add these objects. - To make a wheel available in other garages, you must edit the carmods.dat file. At the very end of the file there are 3 lines below the heading 'wheel'. Each line below the heading represents the wheels available at each garage. 0 for Transfender, 1 for Street Racers, 2 for Lowrider. Figure out which wheel the Shadow is and add/edit the lists. And I just want to end this message by saying,"WOW! I'm really surprised at the number of unanswered posts in this forum. I know it's been awhile since I've posted in here but I'm dumbfounded that there are no other modders to answer these people!".
  4. If you've already installed bike mods, you may have noticed that some of them came with entries for a file called 'carcols.dat'. This is the file that SA uses to assign & select random vehicle colors. To edit it you need nothing more than Notepad as it's just a text file. You can find the file within the game's Data folder. Just make sure to save a backup somewhere before you start making changes. Once you load it, you'll see the range of colors you can use listed at the top. Be sure to enter colors in pairs, even if it looks like the model only uses one color. The default for most vehicles is to use 8 different color combos but you can edit the entries to have more or less combos. I've never tried using more than 12... You'll also notice some only have one combo. Most of these can't actually be edited as the colors are fixed in the model and its textures. What color goes where can only be changed by editing the 3d model of the vehicle. Not something you want to undertake if you have no experience in this area. You might be better off searching for a similar mod that does have different rim colors in this case. So there ya go - a useful reply... Good luck!
  5. I'm not aware of any mods that do this but are you aware of the 'Slut Magnet' cheat (BEKKNQV) built into the game? It changes behavior of women to follow you around and jump in your car. That's about as close as you might be able to get for what you have in mind... Just a thought!
  6. To have extra parts show up all or none of the time you have to directly change the 3d-model of the vehicle. This would require importing into a modelling program (like 3ds-Max or ZModeler) and attaching wanted parts to the main chassis or deleting the extra parts altogether. Once done, you can re-export the model into .dff format. Be warned that some models are locked to prevent any further editing, so you may not be able to do a thing about it. However, the issue of ownership and permissions come into play if you are not the author of the model. For personal use, you can do what you want. But unless you can get the permission of the original author, you can't release it to the public. Any attempt will likely get you banned on many Gta sites. If you're successful, don't forget to change the 'carmods.dat' file to reflect the parts you've added/removed. For example, if you removed the spoiler option, delete all spoiler entries, etc..
  7. It's most likely because you aren't including the alpha-channel data as part of your image. All shirts need this in the image to work properly or you'll get the crash when you access it in-game. If you have a decent image editor, you can create it using its tools. The alpha-channel data determines which parts of the image are transparent and to what level. The game needs this info to apply it to CJ's shirt. For more detailed info on this, search for earlier posts on the topic (I explained this before) or simply Google it if you want to know more about the alpha-channel. Good luck!
  8. ImgTool works no problem with .img files! I've used it for quite awhile to install lots of .dff and .txd files without a hitch. It may be that you're just not sure how to go about using it... Here are the steps to take to install: - To install downloaded skin files for vehicles/weapons/peds they should be in .txd file format. Once you extract the texture from the archive you downloaded, make a note of its filename. - Next, start by running ImgTool then select Open from its File menu. Navigate to your [DRIVE]:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models folder then select the 'gta3.img' file. [DRIVE] = the drive letter of the partition the game's installed to - usually the C: drive. - Once ImgTool opens the .img file, do a search for the previously noted filename. It should be something like 'monstera.txd'. When found, it will be highlighted by the program. - At this stage it's highly advisable to backup the original you're going to replace. Do this by either right-clicking over the name to get the context menu or select from the Commands menu so you can choose the 'Extract' option. Save it to a special folder that you should create to save original backups. Should anything go wrong later, you'll have a backup and can easily import it back into the .img file. Failure to do this can mean having to re-install the entire game! - Now select the 'Replace' command (using either the context menu or Commands from the main menu). Navigate to the folder where you've unpacked the skin file you want to use. Choose it then let ImgTool do its thing. - Lastly, it's important to select 'Rebuild Archive'. Failure to carry out this step can often cause problems in-game unless you know exactly when you can get away with not doing it (I won't go into details there, I'm just pointing this out). - At this point, you can either close the .img file and/or exit the program or repeat the process for any other files you want to work on in the gta3.img archive. So there ya go! Hope this is what you're after. Good luck! And BTW, you should actually post these sort of questions in the modding forums.
  9. BTW, if you search this forum for an earlier post of mine, you can read my discovery of the mispelling of the pimp's name and the details I gave so users could enable him for themselves. As I mentioned in a previous reply, the game would crash for me when I experimented with the other airport workers. So, for that reason, they weren't added to the mod. And the old sec. guard, I don't recall having any trouble with his audio... Why it doesn't work for you I'm not sure. Is this still the case or have you fixed it somehow? I'm assuming the names for the sound files were either extracted from the sound banks or they pulled them out of the executable.
  10. Whew! That's alot to say there... First off, all I was saying about the pimp is that if you want to hear him, you have to change the spelling for the voice entries in the Peds.ide file cuz the defaults placed there after installation of the game are wrong. And that if you have my mod, you can reference it for the correct way to change it. In the case of the old guard, I don't recall what, if anything, I did to get his audio working. But again, checking in my version of the peds.ide file might answer your question. As for the airport workers, maybe I had tried them in a different ped group and that's why they crashed? I can't swear but I'm pretty sure I would have added them to the runway workers group since that seems the logical place. Good to know that they do work and so maybe I'll have to look into getting them going again. It'd be interesting to see and hear them. Also interesting is what you have to say about the other behaviors (drunk, high, etc.). I didn't mess with any of that so have no experience/idea but if you can do something with them or exploit them somehow, good luck to ya!
  11. Smokin, I think you're the same person I spoke to privately about peds so I'm sure you're familiar with my 'Hidden Peds' mod. If you look through my Peds.ide file in the mod, you'll see I've already activated and used both the old security guard and the pimp. I have both of their audio tracks working. So just check my entries for those two and you'll see how to get them working. In the case of the pimp, I recall that Rockstar changed the spelling of the audio entry for him so simply adding him to pedgrp.dat won't fix it. You have to change the peds.ide spelling to get his audio working. As for the two airport workers you activated, I'm curious to know what you might have done differently from me, cuz I'm pretty sure when I tested those two, the game would crash for me. I don't remember if it crashed when they appeared on the street or when I tried to get their audio working though? It's been quite awhile since I've worked on that...
  12. It's great that you're able to show how to do it and break down the info, but doesn't it mean that you'll have to start a new game for these changes to take effect? Also, if someone's making this for a mod, wouldn't they have to supply the modified main.scm too? I have zero experience with this type of modding so I'm asking... Come to think of it, I'm not even sure my method would work in this case?! It would depend on whether these map editor type programs can even generate binary IPLs.
  13. In addition to what Urban Outlaw suggested, you could also add vehicle spawns to the IPL files. This might only work with the binary IPL type though. It's the same method Rockstar uses in the game to generate random spawn-points. It has the advantage that you don't have to do any script file modding. For more details on it, check out the GtaModding forum on Wikipedia... Be warned though that it's not for beginners! You need to know how to edit binary files, use a hex editor and what to plug in.
  14. To set a car up to be tuneable at WAA, you'll have to make sure of changes in a few files... 1) In 'handling.cfg', the seventh digit of column AG (hflags) must be set to a 4. If you're unsure how to do this view other WAA cars in the list. 2) In 'vehicles.ide', the number in the last column must be set to a 1. 3) If the readme.txt of the car you changed the Elegy with told you to change the file 'veh-mods.ide' then you probably won't have to edit it. But if it didn't or if the data was wrong then you're in for a bit more work. Without the right settings here, you won't see the options you want. First thing to do is to load up GGMM (GtaGarage Mod Manager). Find the Elegy in the list and display it. Right-click on the car and pick 'View model details'. Choose the Hierarchy tab from the window that's opened up. Now look in the list for parts with the label starting with 'ug_' and make a note of each with this label. These are the dummy objects needed for tuning that part of the vehicle. For example, 'ug_nitro' lets you add nitro and have it show up on the vehicle. Once you've gone through the list, check them against what's in the 'veh-mods.ide' file. The names there are slightly cryptic but you should be able to figure them out. If things don't match up with what you've found from the hierarchy list, use the default Elegy listing to restore the data. Hopefully, you DID make a backup beforehand... Keep in mind too that you shouldn't add options that aren't present in the model file. If you do add bumpers for example and the model doesn't have the tuning dummy for it, you'll crash the game when you choose that option in the shop. Once you've gone through all that, your car should be good to go!
  15. Apparently, it's been tried awhile ago and can supposedly be done using the SA-Limit Adjuster .dll but, in the end, it might be more trouble than it's worth. I think you'll get the vehicles added once you jump through all the hoops but they won't have any audio. Haven't tried it myself as I'm pretty happy getting rid of all the eyesores rolling around in the game as it is. Still some to go yet !
  16. I use GMax but I can't give you any specific answer because I only use it for exporting vehicles and have zero experience with map objects. Logically, it seems that the Map IO should be used while the DFF IO is for vehicles, weapons and peds. But if you're having trouble actually seeing the results of your handiwork even though you think you've done everything right it MAY be because of something else. Now I could be wrong but I seem to recall hearing that you have to start a new game to have new map stuff appear. You could try doing a search on your problem on the GtaForums.com site where you'll find all kinds of info on this type of thing. Hope this helps...
  17. Having done this a few times in the past and again just recently I can tell you that the game doesn't tell you everything onscreen. However, if you goto the Menu screen after doing all the tags then select the 'Brief' option to review past text info, you get the full scoop there. Basically, it tells you about the weapons in your kitchen with one more bonus. It also adds that your homies get a weapon upgrade. So where they were walking around with Colts and machine pistols before, they now get Desert Eagles and MP5s.
  18. You can't apply paint schemes to just any vehicle. The .dff model (3d) has to be specifically set up to allow skins to be applied. If they don't have the allowance for skins your only recourse is to try and mod the textures applied to the vehicle and this will almost always be NOT what you're after. Only a handful of the default vehicles in the game have this feature. Search any GTA site's downloads for skins to the vehicles that allow skinning. For example, you can find them for any vehicle that can enter Wheel Arch Angels (Elegy, Sultan, etc.). Other downloads of this sort will retexture some vehicles. Examples include the Hunter, Monster truck and Rhino and many others. Instructions for installing them is usually included in the archive.
  19. First off, it depends on WHERE you want to go in Area 69... If you're referring to the above-ground part of the base there are a few ways to get back in. You can follow the dirt road on the west side of the base that leads to a small entrance into the area with the buildings and guard towers. Best to ride in on a bike, once you get off or if you enter on foot, you'll get swarmed by police. Useful to enter if you're after the M4 or NV goggles pickups found here. To get into the side with the military vehicles, look for a different appearing section of fence on the southeast corner of the base. You can crash through it with any vehicle to gain entrance. And you can also try flying in, but then you have to deal with the SAM sites that will attempt to blow you out of the sky. It can be done though. However, if you want to get back into the underground area, that's a whole lot trickier. Search previous posts to find discussions of this for solutions. As I recall, it might have had something to do with parking a vehicle in the right spot and getting out/off then warping to the interior.
  20. Hey, thanx for the promo... How's it going BTW? @UrbanDecay: At the time I was working on the data files and trying to add more peds, I had only limited success. I was only able to add 2 more peds to the list. Any more than that and the game would always crash. So I had to call it a day after that. My advice to you is to either replace some other peds like Outlaw suggests or hope someone somewhere one day finds a way around this limitation.
  21. Yes, I noticed this sort of thing quite awhile ago when going through the gta3.img file and other data files. Who knows exactly what Rockstar's reasoning was for leaving out certain peds, but in the case of the motorcycle cops, I imagine it was something like not having to code for the different regions and that it would be less 3d model & texture space being used during gameplay. Much easier to just use the same bike cop everywhere than add the extra logic, etc. to add them. Also take into account that during development of the game, coders and artists are working simultaneously and things that were completed in one department might not get used later on by the other. This sort of thing is inevitable for large projects like this. If you want to see some of these missing peds back in action, head to the Downloads section and look for my 'Hidden Peds' mod. I revived over 20 of them and you can get all the details there (the DL section) and in the mod itself. You should have no problems with it.
  22. When the guy said "lock on to a target" I assumed this is what he was after... As for the green triangle, I'm not sure about that at all. In fact, in my game, I don't even see a green triangle - maybe because I might have auto-aim turned on or something like that. It's been quite awhile since I've played with any game options. At any rate, I wouldn't doubt the triangle IS hardcoded - similar to the yellow ENEX triangle.
  23. @Deji: Uhm, no, it's not hardcoded... You can find the reticle image in the file called 'particle.txd' that's located in [Drive]:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models. Open it with TxdWorkshop and you'll find 3 images associated with aiming. They are: target256, lockonFire, and lockon. I think the one you want is the lockonFire texture. Depending on what you're going to replace it with, you might want to mod the lockon texture too. This is because the lockonFire rotates inside the other one and it might look goofy otherwise. Hope this helps!
  24. If you're thinking of changing how the lenses for the head & tail lights look, they're found in the vehicle.txd file as 'vehiclelights128' & 'vehiclelightson128'. You'll need the right software to access and change these textures. And the big downside of doing this is that it will change the lights for ALL normal vehicles in the game because those two are common files used by all. If you want to change them in any other way, then you're going to have alter the actual 3d model of the car and that's a whole other ball of wax! You'll have to learn how to model and import/export vehicles for San Andreas. It might take a lot of work to achieve what you're after... As for adding an image, in the case of the Elegy, it's not that hard because this car is already set up to accept new paint jobs. You can create a new skin (ie. paint job) and, once installed in the gta3.img file, drive into Wheel Arch Angels and apply it to the car. For examples of this, check out my mod of Elegy skins in the Downloads section or look at some other similar cars that take paint jobs. For more detailed info, read the Tutorials here, search older message or look on other GTA sites on how to go about this.
  25. I recall reading somewhere that the cutscene model of Carl has a number of extra bones for animation, I think for lip-synching the voice etc.. So, if you're trying to simply replace that model with one intended/created for gameplay, it won't work for this reason. You'll either have to find a model made for the cutscene Carl or make your own or, if you're not a modeler and very lucky, find someone willing and experienced enough to do this for you.
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