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In my opinion and with talking to many players of the Grand Theft Auto Series. We've come up with some things we would like to see in the next GTA.

-first of all, make the next GTA in modern years. Vice City and San Andreas were great, don't get me wrong, but i think they would have been better in the years 2000- now.

-MORE MISSIONS, it only took me 15 days to get 100% complete with GTA-SA. Not to mention i still had school and basketball practice everynight.

-the traffic we feel has to be more realistic. it seems that cars either go too fast or too damn slow. Make traffic on highways go faster and maintain a fast speed. In the cities and towns make traffic go at a slower speed.

- have more car dealerships. Id like to buy a car, SUV, truck. i mean by the end of the game u have a lot of money so why not spend it. make properties more money.

- let your character get married. i mean maybe both of u can do missions.

if you have kids u can take them to school at 8 go kill some people and then pick them up at 3. i know it sounds a little crazy but it would add difficulty to the game. i mean it would be harder to have to know u have to finish a mission and be somewhere before a certain time. it would add a lot more excitment!!

- slow the game down... time goes too fast in this game... i mean god it takes 20 min to get down a street. one sec. should not equal one min.. maybe every 10 sec equals one min.. thats more realistic...

-when theres a 30 car pile up on a major highway. CALL THE POLICE, have recuse vehicle come and take the cars away and take injured people away. that would be awesome

- i read some review where the guy said u should be able to cut down branches and smack people... exactly... thats whats im talking about... be able to buy a house have a yard and be able to maintain a house and a job killing people... and if u need a quick weapon take a tree break a branch and there you go!!

i have more ideas and i would love to share them with anyone who would like to discuss them....

email me at [email protected]

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