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CRC32 Checksum failed

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Hello! i just got VC and i have play it online, but now i cant. i get in the game and then it says" CRC32 Checksum failed: data/deafult.ide. " when u should see your player.(it doesnt freeze) i tryed to remove my only 2-3 mods, a chevy car and DMagic1 weel mod..but it didnt work.

what to do??


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Well it basically means that the checksum (a formula used to ensure file integrity) has "failed". Therefore is different - you have a bad default.ide

Just try delete the entire

C:\Rockstar Games\GTA Vice City

folder. Then put your disc in and reinstall. Dont put ANY mods at all on. Then reinstall the multiplayer client. Then...it should work. Otherwise you're sorta screwed unless somebody posts their working default.ide, but this might not work because the game is localized in some situations eg A USA default.ide might not work with your vers of the game

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