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    Ultimate Vice City

    Who here in the forum has Ultimate Vice City 2.0 mod? It's freaking awesome! If you want it pm me, I do not own the mod or any of its parts. This mod includes: -Twin towers from 9/11 , accessable buildings. -New billboards -40 different kinds of cars! You gotta see the Hunter transform into a Harrier! -Two new skins And more
  2. Vercetti Thug

    Annoying as Hell Diaz Dying glitch

    Im playing Vice City 2007 mod, and in the mission Guardian angels where Diaz comes by car (its a modded admiral from my Ultimate Vice City mod, so that might be a problem, even though its slimmer than the regular admiral). Diaz gets out of his car, but then gets trampled by another of his henchmen who is also getting out of his car and the missionr reads Diaz is dead, mission failed. HOW THE HECK DO I FIX THIS?!!
  3. Vercetti Thug

    Favorite clothing?

    What's your favorite clothing pickup in Vice City?
  4. I think my favorite mission of VC was The Job Yours?
  5. Vercetti Thug

    Lance Vance in opening cinematic?

    Oh wow, you're right. No wonder those assassin models were never reused...
  6. Vercetti Thug

    Vice City Trivia

    False, there's just one near Leaf Links. True/False: Tommy Vercetti gets 10 health from prostitutes.
  7. Vercetti Thug

    Vice City Trivia

    False...I think. [T/F] The beach ball on Starfish Island can only be bounced 99 times.
  8. I checking in after a long time - August 17 2010.

  9. Vercetti Thug

    Vice City Trivia

    Lazlow was bad at his job at V-Rock? Not sure. But that's an overlapping question with another GTA. Oh yes, and hello all. I haven't been on in forever.
  10. Vercetti Thug

    Three Word Story

    and was dying
  11. I'm back, and I need serious help. Okay, so, about a month ago I was browsing the web as normal and suddenly certain videos and even music playlists refuse to show up, only allowing me sight of a little application box in the upper left corner of where the video should be. The same thing happens with certain advertisements. YouTube still works, however. Also, advertisements are being blocked in the same fashion on MSN and Yahoo. The reason im concerned about this is because I hadn't been doing any fiddling with much of anything - the computer itself just started doing it. Also, certain sites are now lost to me with the loss of their videos (not porn, they're anime sites). The only information I can offer is that I have SpyBot and AVG Free 8.5. Note: SpyBot, just before the video troubles, listed the game "Diablo II" as a trojan and had it sent to the Virus Vault. The game itself was safe and is performing fine after I took it out and reinstalled it, so I have reason to suspect SpyBot is the problem, though i'm not sure why. Thanks
  12. Vercetti Thug

    Videos are blacklisted by my computer

    Uninstalling Spybot seemed to have worked, but some processes are still blacklisted. IE.
  13. Vercetti Thug

    Trojan problem...

    I started up my computer and AVG 8.0 free alerted me of an infection in my Diablo II game and called it a Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic.11.A... and I was scared so I sent it to my Virus Vault, where it is currently relaxing. I can't just reinstall my Diablo II Expansion because I dont have my Diablo II original, so if I were to uninstall Diablo II i would lose it forever (unless I figured out how to pirate it and not get caught by Blizzard, and so far I have no luck pirating anything game-related), so what should I do?
  14. Vercetti Thug

    Trojan problem...

    Thank you, its a damn good thing I didnt delete it from my vault. Why is this happening though?
  15. This just saddens me...apparently, a family thought it wise to pray for their dying daughter...without giving her medical attention at all from professionals. I believe in God, but God's ways are sometimes beyond our understanding. Anyway, discuss: WAUSAU, Wisc. - The mother of an 11-year-old girl who died of undiagnosed diabetes as the family prayed for her to get better testified Tuesday that she believes sickness is caused by sin and can be cured by God. Leilani Neumann told the jury in her husband's trial that she thought her daughter's March 2008 illness was a test of her religious faith and she didn't take the girl to a doctor because that would have been "complete disobedience to what we believe." Dale Neumann, 47, is charged with second-degree reckless homicide in the 2008 death of his daughter Madeline Neumann, called Kara by her parents. His wife was convicted of the same charge this spring and faces up to 25 years in prison when sentenced Oct. 6. Story continues below ↓ dap('&PG=NBCMSN&AP=1089','300','250');http://' target="_blank">Prosecutors contend Dale Neumann recklessly killed the youngest of his four children by ignoring her deteriorating health. They claim Neumann had a legal duty to take her to a doctor. Leilani Neumann testified for nearly five hours Tuesday, describing the events leading up to her daughter's March 23, 2008, death on a mattress on the floor of the family's rural Weston home as people surrounded her and prayed. Someone called for help when she stopped breathing. The mother said that she and her husband believed their daughter's deteriorating condition may have been the result of a falling out with another couple, and called them once the girl was unconscious and persuaded them to come pray for the girl. Illness viewed as 'something spiritual' The family does not belong to an organized religion, and Leilani Neumann said they have nothing against doctors. But, she said, she believes in spiritual healing and viewed Madeline's March 2008 illness as "something spiritual." Leilani Neumann also said that she did not realize her daughter was seriously ill until the day before her death, when the girl was weak and pale and had trouble speaking. "I asked her if she loved Jesus," the mother testified. "She might have said yes. I know for sure she was acknowledging it. What sounds came out, I don't remember. She was making noises. ... My focus definitely was to pray." She said she never once believed the girl would die "We thought even the lifelessness was something that she would come out of," the mother said. "Everything for us is about faith. It is about trusting in God. We either believe in God's word or we don't." A pediatric expert on diabetes told the jury Monday that even right before her death, doctors might have been able to save the girl's life had she been brought to a hospital.
  16. Vercetti Thug

    WTF is this is?

    Looks like her shoulders were chopped off.
  17. Vercetti Thug

    13 year old got pregnant in a pool.

    If she somehow wins, the hotel can sue her right back when the father is identified. The mother would then claim that the guy raped her daughter and the judges would kind of shake their heads.
  18. Vercetti Thug

    Jonas Brothers suck

    I dont even watch South Park lol.
  19. Vercetti Thug

    Jonas Brothers suck

    Which one is gay? I think that is a lie though im not prepared to rule it out. I also heard that one of them has diabetes. I hope he suffers for putting such horrible crap out as "music".
  20. Vercetti Thug

    R.I.P. Billy Mays

    I just said stop...I only brought him up in the first place to make a point. You don't have to continue it if you're mature enough to harp on me about it.
  21. Vercetti Thug

    Jonas Brothers suck

    Harry, say that again when your sober. Still, compared to Hannah Montana, Jonas brothers are slightly better...than dirt. Hannah Montana is the current most talentless and celebrated pop singing shit-sation.
  22. Vercetti Thug

    R.I.P. Billy Mays

    Enough about Jackson - this thread is about someone better than him as a human being.
  23. Vercetti Thug

    Spanish Help - Desperately Needed

    The school year is over and the project was failed. Thanks anyway.
  24. Vercetti Thug

    Spanish Help - Desperately Needed

    I don't expect or even remotely believe anyone will help me on this next thing, but here goes. Note: I put this on the top now because I want this to be the first thing people see. Ok. This is my spanish speech. I have six requirements needed to be included in the speech. Additionally, all words with a question mark "?" after them need to be replaced or simplified. Here are the six requirements (one of each is fine): 1. Comparitivies (tanto como, etc) 2. Present tense 3. Present progressive (-ando/-iendo) 4. Immediate future (ir a + infinitive) 5. Recent past (acaber de + infinitive) 6. Commands. Here is the speech (and some requirements may have to be added in...) Buenos días, se llama -------------. Estoy de aquí decirle acerca de una oportunidad de vistar hermosa Costa Rica y asistir la Escuela Internacional. En la Escuela, donde usted aprenderá que el idioma español y la culture de Costa Rica. Costa Rica ganó su independencia de Espana en el 14 de septiembre de 1821. La capital de Costa Rica es San José. La Escuela es en San Rafael de Coronado. El ciudad de San Rafael es cerca del bosque. El programa es para familias, y el precio es 700 dólare, por persona, para dos semanas. Los cuartos previeron 250 dólares, que cubre ? la estancia entera. La escuela es cierra convenientemente a San Rafael de Coronado, una comunidad segura de nativos amistosos ?. El pueblo de San Rafael de Coronado bordea ? el Braulio Carrillo Parque Nacional, donde visitantes pueden tomar el famoso paseo de dosel ? encima ? de los árboles. Los visitantes también pueden alquilar y poder cabalgar abajo los rápidos en canoas, o experimentar ? el bosque por se inscibe ? para uno de las Visitas de la Naturaleza proporcionadas ? por la escuela. La moneda ? ultilizada ? en Costa Rica es el colón, que son en esencia ? cuentas y monedas ?. Si se preocupó por la tasa de cambio con el dólar norteamericano, los visitantes serán ? felices de saber que menos de 600 colónes es igual al un dólar. Si usted es interesado en la visita de la Escuela Internacional en San Rafael de Coronado, usted puede reservar un vuelo de ida y vuelta en Líneas Aéreas Continentales de LAX en Los Angeles al Aeropuerto Internacional de Santamaría en San José para sólo 350 dólares. Un autobús proporcionado por la escuela llegará ?y le tomará directamente ? a Sab Rafael de Coronado, libre de carga. Espero que usted se aprovechará ? de esta oferta y visitará nuestra escuela.
  25. Vercetti Thug

    R.I.P. Billy Mays

    I was already sick of hearing Micheal Jackson lovers crying and yahoo and msn spamming stuff about him, I didn't find him human enough to even worship, and yet people thought of him as a divine figure above humans. But when I heard about Billy Mays's death, that's something I felt sorry for. There was really never anything bad about him. He didn't molest little boys, he didn't snort up drugs for attention from the media like washed-up teen celebrities, he didn't change his style at all, and he was probably the only semi-celebrity type of person that was at the same time a household name and a down-to-Earth character. I saw his smiling icon on the MSN front page and next to it "Billy Mays, pitchman, found dead at --" and that was the only celebrity I actually felt sorry for. I'm surprised i'm saying this about a household name type of person, but he will be missed. Micheal Jackson fans, go ahead and attack my post now.