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Exclusive GTA IV Preview On MTV.com


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MTV.com has a brand new exclusive preview of GTAIV up on their website. There's also two exclusive screenshots on their site.

  • Totilo spent two hours playing the game.
  • An in-game text message was replied to by the editor.
  • Totilo said that he thought the Statue of Happiness looked a lot like Hillary Clinton.
  • "Extra guns and health packs don't float a few inches above the ground, waiting to be walked through. They lie on flat surfaces, waiting to be picked up. A Rockstar rep told MTV News that the developers didn't even want those found items to glow, as they do now, because that's not realistic. But a concession was made so players could more easily identify what they could and should try to grab in this world."
  • "GTA IV felt less like a video game because there is no "Mission Complete" graphical flourish as there had been in old games, just a brief instrumental riff to indicate a job's successful finish. Icons in the upper-right corner of the screen still display the player's equipped weapon and money, but they are reduced in size, subdued to blacks, grays and whites, doing as little as possible to distract the player's eyes."
  • "We took a helicopter for a joyride, in this case, in the PS3 build, traversing the city with haste, thrusting with the R2 button, rudder-turning with L1 and R1. The scenery was viewable from an optional in-cockpit, first-person view, the densely detailed Liberty City rolling by so quickly underneath that it's little wonder that the private jets parked at the game's airport are not usable. They'd be too fast for this game's amount of real estate. Mostly we used the helicopter to land on skyscrapers and in busy intersections, the rotor blades magically hurting no one — not the least of whom Niko, despite what would probably be classified as hard landings."

Thanks to Jordan for the news.

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I can't believe I'm about to say this but I read that and went, so.

I don't feel like I learned anything new or should I say interesting when are we going to get some more trailers with some actual gameplay so we can form our own opininions instead of being givin these "exclusive" previews that say the same fucking thing but with only a few lines of something new.

am happy to wait til April if those tw@s would stop milking it.

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