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Wang Cars Parking Vehicles


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can i change the cars that parking in the wang cars?

there are






i want to keep the uranus there and switch the Sultan With Turismo

the Stratum with Alpha

the Elegy with Infernus

and the Savanna with Romero

how can i do that?

and more question, the are always the same cars on every computer? or maybe in my friend's house there will be another cars?

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What version are you running?

The best way is to edit the MAIN.SCR file to change the cars, which means you need to be running V1 or downgraded.

Since it's a script edit, you also need to start a new game. Done right, the change won't affect missions or gameplay.

You could switch & re-name cars to get the ones you want, but that's complicated at best & may affect missions that call

the cars.

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i didint really understood what do you mean, how do i open the MAIN.SCR? i just want to change the place of parking the car, i want to have this savanna but not in the Wang Cars, in the Wang Cars i want Romero instead

look i'll explain you what i want

in the wang cars have




Spyker C8-elegy


i want to do that the wang cars will be a Ferrari Showroom

but i dont want to mod again and change the sultan to be a ferrari, i want the sultan will be a DB9 but just move it from the wang cars and put another car over there, Turisimo, that its F430, and all the other cars, i'll change to another ferraris

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I get exactly what you're after, the save editor from Vice City that let you edit car spawns. Unfortunately, no one has

made a tool like that for SA so you're stuck changing the car spawns in MAIN.SCR or you could try a trainer (I don't

mess w/ them so I can't help much on that). The car spawns are hardcoded into the game.

If you look in the download section under SA/TOOLS, you should find SA Mission Builder 3, that's the tool that opens

the script file. Just remember to back up anything you plan to edit before you start, one mistake here could fubar your


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