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Radio Stations but NOT music!

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NO!! you see you replace the ones in your folder with the ones you downloaded and then theres no radio!

but you have to figure out which is which

no dude, u don't understand, by "get it out" i meant to be able to listen to it when i'm not playing the game, u know, play it like songs in winamp or something like that, u know what i mean?

but i only need the WCTR, and only THAT I cant get out no way...i downloaded that music extractor and guess what-it only extracted songs..shit..

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oooh you mean that sorry, my friend had an extractor but im not sure if it extracts the WCTR but if it does ill give it to ya

omg, thank u very much!! :worship:

im collecting every talk station from every GTA game, i even have LCFR and VCPR 1984 from the console version, pls get me that extractor! :lolbounce:

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