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  1. i wondered why you cant see his face in the third person view cheat (alont with the rest of him cus you only see the arms)
  2. ok ill make your sig claudespeed but it may take some time (mabye 3 days) since i wont have much time tomorow to work on it (or the one day after) and cause i dont have a working SA game to make the charecters (since ill be using CJ to make them cause i dont think i could find the sxact 3 crips you wanted on the internet but if i will, then ill use them (dont wory ill search)) but be sure ill make it in the next 3 days
  3. looks good, just change the text shadow to red like in your old one
  4. no problem, you just enjoy it. @Thomas- thanks for the advice, ill post some examples after i finish the sig im doing now
  5. YAYA THE INTERNET IS FIXED!!! heres your sig:
  6. ^ then let me see it after you finish < needs to go somewhere v plays WOW
  7. ^your sig isnt found on image lodge !!! < unfaile v FAIL!
  8. ^ who thwe hell is this "zoe" youre so obssesed about? < busy v obsessed with zoe
  9. ok, will do, Da Ghost. and to the guy above im REALLY REALLY sorry i didnt reply it was just that this noone replied here for so much time that i thought no one will so stopped checking. OK my problems seem to be fixed, for now. anyway heres your sig and avi avi- sig- HOLY SHIT I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! i cant upload the sig now, ill try later cause the problems came back
  10. banned for having a cool animation form gears of war (i loved this game but then it fucked up at the middle and all the saves got deleted and i never touched it agin)
  11. ^ (.)(.) < says: "those were eyes" v
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