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discussing ending

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I liked

both endings cos they were not predictable

, in other GTA games its all about the main character and becoming rich, in this one you

dont get rich and people pay for your crimes even if you dont


For me its the best GTA yet for story and the fact that it made people (incluiding myself) a little sad at the end, it just goes to show that Rockstar are not only capapble of breaking boundaries with gameplay and graphics they can also tell a f*cking good story aswell!!!

Damn it's good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did the ending where

Roman died

first, and that was way too sad so I tried the other and

Kate dies

, which didnt really bother me cos

the bitch didnt put out anyways


Either way I am happy to have completed it!!

Are there more than the

2 endings

and do you gain anything from not

killing the people you have a choice of letting go or not??

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